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By Jessica Davidson | May 3, 2012
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As a search engine marketer, whether for PPC or SEO purposes, I always enlist the help of Google AdWords’ Keyword Tool to inspire some keyword ideas. While using the Keyword Tool the other day, I noticed that the keywords were organized into categories, thus my introduction to the “Ad group ideas” tab, which is in its beta testing phase in AdWords.

Ad Group Ideas Tab

The new “Ad group ideas” tab works similarly to the “Keyword ideas” tab. When you enter in keywords into the Keyword Tool, the suggested keywords are categorized into potential ad groups. The “Ad group ideas” tab takes some of the guess work out of determining how to group together and separate keywords. In addition, these ad group recommendations can be saved and added directly to your current campaigns, further easing the process of creating ad groups and adding keywords.

Now, let’s see the “Ad group ideas” tab in action. Pretend you own a vintage clothing store focused solely on women’s clothing. The keywords “vintage clothing,” “vintage women’s clothing,” and “vintage dresses” yield the ad group ideas as seen in the image below.

Ad Group Ideas Example

After researching potential ad groups, you decide that you like the “Women’s Clothing” ad group and its keywords. By clicking the “Save all” button next to the ad group, a draft of “Women’s Clothing” is included in the “Saved ideas” box on the left side of the AdWords interface as seen below.

Saved Ideas

Since our fictitious vintage store sells only women’s fashions, we would like to see ad groups similar to “Women’s Clothing.” Instead of entering some of the keywords from “Women’s Clothing,”simply press the “More like these” button to the right of the ad group. This action displays new ad group and keyword ideas based on keywords from “Women’s Clothing.” This action causes your original ad group and keyword ideas to disappear, so I would advise saving any potential ad groups and keywords before pressing the “More like these” button.

Once you have finalized your ad group ideas, you can add the ad group to any of your campaigns. To do so, click on the “Add to account” button at the top of the results table and select “My ad group ideas.” Choose from your saved ad groups and select the desired campaign and voilà you have created a new ad group through the Keyword Tool.

Although I believe that the “Ad group ideas” tab is beneficial in the sense that it can create ad groups quickly, I will use it just as the name suggests, for ideas. I believe that the new feature provides good insight as how to organize keywords, but I would rather create and manage my ad groups myself and receive some inspiration from the suggested ideas rather than rely solely on the tool’s automation.

What do you think of the addition of the “Ad group ideas” tab to Google AdWords’ Keyword Tool? Leave your comments and questions below or find me on twitter.

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