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By Amanda Sides | Mar 25, 2011
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Back in November of 2010, Google AdWords announced a new feature (in limited release) to give advertisers the ability to track calls resulting from your PPC campaigns.  Although call metrics is a great feature within Google AdWords, it’s reporting abilities leave a little something to be desired. Since the announcement, advertisers have been given very limited data with the available reporting.  Before this announcement, released earlier this month, advertisers had access to the following data:

  • Total Calls
  • Received Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • Average Call Duration
  • Total Call Duration

This month, Google announced more detailed call reporting giving advertisers even more insight into the calls brought in via AdWords ads.  The data now available for advertisers includes:

  • Call Start Time
  • Call End Time
  • Call Duration
  • Call Status (Missed or Received)
  • Caller Area Code

Running the Call Metrics Calls Report

Within your Google AdWords account, while in the “Campaign” view, navigate to the “Dimensions” tab.  If you do not see the “Dimensions” tab, you may need to add it to the tabs shown first.  Then in the “View” drop-down, select “Call Metrics Calls.”


More Insight Into Call Data

Call Center Issues: By consulting this report, you can attribute Missed Calls to certain area codes, dates, and time-of-day to pinpoint a call center problem.  This could help uncover issues anywhere from slacking employees to power outages in that call center/business location.

Day-Parting: By having insight into the time stamps of your call metrics calls, you can use that along with conversion data by day-of-week and time-of-day to adjust your day-parting settings. If after 9pm you are not recieving any calls or conversions, maybe you save a little money by pausing ads after that time of day.

I would definitely recommend consulting this report, and utilizing this data to your advantage. Let me know how it goes! @amandadchaney

Read about the announcement and the limitations associated with Google AdWords call metrics.


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  • Curtis

    Thank you for posting this great information. Do you have any tips on how to expedite having the Call Metrics feature enabled in an Adwords account?