Google AdWords Has 5 Match Types?!

By Avelyn Austin | Apr 16, 2010
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It’s that time again… time for me to get re-qualified as a Google Advertising Professional. Although I wasn’t worried about passing the exam, I thought it best to review the material in the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Learning Center just to make sure I was still on the same page as Google.  That, and I also remember from taking the exam last time that the Google Exam and the Google Learning Center don’t always agree with each other.

As fate would have it, it turns out that I had been missing critical information! When I landed on the Keyword Match Type section I was ready to blaze right through knowing that there were 4 main match types:

  • Broad
  • Phase
  • Exact and
  • Negative

As I continued to read through the section I noticed A FIFTH MATCH TYPE thrown in there… EMBEDDED MATCH! If you’re like me you’re probably saying to yourself “Embedded match? What is that? Have I been letting my clients down by not knowing this new match type?!”. Yet after I read what embedded match type actually was I realized that I already use it, but apparently didn’t get the memo that it had been given its very own match type.

So what is embedded match?  According to the Google Learning Center, Embedded Match:

“ allows you to prevent your ad from appearing in relation to certain phrase or exact matches.”

Further explained,

“Embedded match is a sophisticated form of keyword matching that allows you to prevent your ad from appearing in relation to certain phrase or exact matches. This is popular when an advertiser sells merchandise related to a movie or book, but not the actual movie or book.
Example: An advertiser selling merchandise for the movie Toy Story merchandise might use the embedded match option of a negative keyword and exact match on -[Toy Story]. This way, the advertiser’s ads appear for Toy Story dolls and Toy Story products, but not for the exact match Toy Story.”

Will it be on the Google Advertising Professional Exam I wondered? Well I can tell you that it wasn’t on my exam (which I’m happy to inform you I passed!); but, I can’t guarantee that it won’t be on your exam so study up!

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