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By Sarah Lokitis | Jun 14, 2012
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Google Analytics has added a new suite of free social media reporting for monitoring and measurement tools and resources. Social Visitors Flow, which displays much like Visitors Flow, shows how visitors from social properties arrived at your site and their actions upon arrival. Did they drop off or navigate to a specific page on your site?

Using Visitors Flow, it is possible to segment out the social referrers to analyze the social traffic, but Social Visitors Flow makes it easier because those sources are already selected. To navigate to Social Visitors Flow in Google Analytics, click Traffic Sources > Social > Social Visitors Flow.

Social Visitors Flow provides insight into which social platforms are sending the most traffic to your site and how visitors are navigating through your website upon arrival. This chart can help determine actionable insights because you know where users came from and where they drop off or engage. Having that information is critical to determining where you should be focusing your effort on the site and what social networks are providing the most qualified visitors to your website. Take a look at the drop off rate across all channels to understand what social channels are performing well and what social channels may need more or less attention.

Social Visitors Flow

In this screenshot, it is apparent that LinkedIn is providing more engagement and qualified visitors than Google+.

As displayed in the screenshot, the Social Visitors Flow illustrates four points of engagement, so you can see the visitors that are headed down conversion paths and where people drop off before or after converting.

Another new feature, Social Sources, reports on similar data about the initial path that visitors from social networks took through your site. In Part 2 of this Social Analytics Feature series, I will take a dive into Social Sources and the valuable information you can gain from taking a look at the Social Referrer and the Activity Stream.

Have you used Social Visitors Flow? Were you surprised with the insights you gained about traffic and drop-offs? Please share your experiences and thoughts by commenting below or finding me @Lokitis.

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