Google Chrome TV Branding Blitz

By Kaitlyn Smeland Dhanaliwala | May 29, 2009
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Google’s new browser, Chrome, was first released last September.  The first version came out of beta in December, and it is currently in version 2.0.  Created through the open-source project Chromium, there are a few legitimately interesting elements that make Chrome somewhat unique.  (There are, however, a few downsides as well- like the fact that Chrome doesn’t work on Linux or Mac systems.  At all).  I’ll outline all the good, bad, and ugly features of Chrome in a follow-up post.

But today I want to focus solely on Google’s recent foray into an unexpected world… TV advertising?? Yes, this post is solely and unabashedly about those cute little Google Chrome TV ads.

As of last month, Google Chrome was the browser with the fourth largest market share at 1.42% (behind Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari).  Considering the goliath presence Google has among search engines, a measly 1.42% share of the browser market is probably not gonna do it for them.  So Google has started running TV ads.

What do you think of these ads below?

  • Will they persuade people to switch browsers?
  • Is TV the right medium to communicate the differentiating factors of Chrome?
  • Are the differentiatiating factors truly significant?
  • Do you like the branding message?  Remind you of anyone else’s message?
  • Do you think mass TV audiences will understand what the product actually is?
  • And finally, are you unable to get that catchy Tim Myers song out of your head like I am?

And my personal favorite, which I first saw on

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