Google Grants Program: Part 2

By Lauren Kade | Nov 23, 2011
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So you’ve read through Google Grants Program: Part 1, and have applied for and been accepted into the Google Grants Program.  What now?

Getting Started

You’ve got $10,000 worth of free money – start spending it!  Figure out what you want to advertise on, and start building out campaigns.  Are you unsure of how to start in AdWords?  For tips and tricks, check out Google’s Learning Center, and read through blogs like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and the Search Marketing Sage of course!  I myself have written a post on how to build out initial campaigns within AdWords: Keyword Research Basics: PPC.

Google Grantspro: the Next Step

Have you heard about Google Grantspro?  The next step in the Google Grants program, this grant will give you $40,000 to spend each month!  But how do you apply?


In order to apply for the Google Grantspro program, you must have spent over $9,500 in two different (but not necessarily consecutive) months in the past year.  Doesn’t sound hard?  Well, think again.  As a part of the $10,000 grants program, Google caps your spend each day at around $333. ($10,000 divided by 30).  This poses a problem because it doesn’t allow you to make up for lower spending days on another, busier time of the month.  If the month has 30 days versus 31, or if there’s a holiday weekend, or if your account doesn’t spend well on certian days of the week, those could all be a major problem in hitting that $9,500 spend.

Other requirements include taking the Grantspro test and scoring at least an 85% and to be currently tracking at least one active conversion goal through Google Analytics.  Additionally, about once a year Google will send you a survey which is mandatory to continue as a part of the Grantspro program.

Spend, Spend, Spend!

Having trouble hitting that $9,500 spend?  Expand your account more.  New campaigns with new keywords will expand the reach of your ads, getting you new clicks from new users.  Write new ad copy and test it against your current copy to find better ads that will improve click-through-rates.  Keep expanding and optimizing for clicks, and you should be able to hit that $9,500 spend.

The Grantspro Application

Much of my advice in Part 1 for the Grants application also applies for the Grantspro application.  Take your time writing your responses, and make sure your company sounds amazing.  $40,000 is a lot of money each month, so make sure to highlight how your organization will use that money to help save the world!  (or the oceans, or the animals, etc.)  Many organizations I’ve worked with have been worried that since they had trouble hitting the $9,500 spend for two months they won’t be able to spend the $40,000.  But trust me – the caps really work against you.  Every organization that I have worked with that was able to apply for the Grantspro program saw huge spend increases once those caps were lifted.  As with the Grants application, Google only reviews the applications once every quarter, so have patience – it may take a full three months before you hear back.

Once you receive the Grantspro $40,000, feel free to celebrate!  You’ve worked hard to get your deserving organization all that free advertising each month.  Now that you’ve got room to spend, you may want to go back and look at your campaigns and see if there is any room for improvement.  Make sure you’re spending that money in the most effective and efficient manner possible.  Most of all, good luck!  Have additional questions?  Leave a comment below.

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