Some Like It Hot (Searches)

By Ariele McWhinney | Jun 13, 2012
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Google has updated its Hot Searches feature of Google Trends. It now features the hottest searches, as opposed to just the top 20 trending searches of the day. Previously in more of a list format, Google Trends now shows the “hot searches” of the day with thumbnails, estimated searches that day, and social sharing buttons.

For instance, Kevin Durant’s part in last night’s Game One of the NBA Finals is one of the most searched topics today.

google hot searches

Hot Searches are updated hourly, and related searches are grouped together to assist the searcher in finding similar topics they may be interested in. In this example, LeBron James and NBA Finals are related to (but not as popular as, ouch) Kevin Durant.

More interactive, organized, and shareable, Google’s Hot Searches are an easy way to stay connected to what the rest of the country is interested at this very moment.

google hot searches

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