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By Ariele McWhinney | May 25, 2012
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Google has found a way to make search even more relevant by intelligently connecting what a user searches to information across the web. Last week, Google launched the Knowledge Graph. Similar to a human brain, it is ever-learning and full of information stored from written information across the web. This constantly growing knowledge-base is stored and slowly being connected into a “web” of intelligence.

To Google, now words that you type are not just a string of characters, they’re actual things, people, places, etc. To you and me, “dog” means a furry companion and man’s best friend. And now Google knows that, too. It connects, as a human would, relationships between words and their meanings. A search for “dog” in Google will display information to the right of the search results with a brief summary of what a dog is, some dog breeds to choose from, and a Google map for “dog.” This is Google trying to cover anything you’re possibly searching for – a dog groomer, perhaps?

dog knowledge graph

Let’s try an actor, Jason Segel (who doesn’t love him?). A search for this actor will bring up a summary to the right of the search results providing his age, height, education, movies he’s been in, etc. They know that when you type “Jason Segel,” you probably mean this handsome funny guy right here.

jason segel knowledge graph

So what are the implications for search engine marketers?

While the SEO effects are not yet realized, PPC is currently affected. As you can see (or can’t see), there is no room for the right side paid ads on the searches with the knowledge graph information displayed. Therefore, some ads will be displaced. However, it creates better targeting and will increase value for the ads actually displayed on the top and bottom of the search results page.

This is yet another Google innovation that keeps search marketers on our toes. We’ll be monitoring it, awaiting the effect on SEO.

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