Google Placement Performance Reports: Not as helpful as you would think…

By Tad Miller | Jun 13, 2007
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Google finally gave us a peek at the locations its Content Network ads are appearing with its new Placement Performance Reports.

As soon as I found out about this I immediately ran a report for one of our auto manufacturer clients that we are using some Content Network advertising on. The report was in some way reassuring because it showed me that most of our ads are showing in appropriate sites and forums.

But immediately I noticed that I didn’t see any spammy looking URLs. On closer investigation the report had significant clicks coming from “Domain Ads” and “Error Page Ads”. My guess is that these are exactly the spammy parked domain and “Made For Adsense” Garbitrage pages I would want to avoid advertising on.

Google AdWords does allow you to exclude sites from showing your ads. Just go to “Tools” and “Site Exclusion”. But now that they are just reporting these sites as “Domain Ads” and “Error Page Ads” there is no way to exclude them.

Why would Google leave such a hole that advertisers would immediately use to effectively manage their Content Network advertising? It’s not a technical issue, it’s MONITARY! Google AdSense for Domains is Huge. Google’s Adsense For Domains web page states:

Powering millions of domain names, Google AdSense for domains is the industry’s premier parked page service. Google is seeking new partnerships with large domain portfolios owners.

Personally, if I could control where my ads would appear on Content Network and AVOID the parked domains I would be willing to pay more to advertise on it. They could make more money by allowing us to eliminate “Domain Ads” and thereby giving us a more effective product that we could have more confidence in advertising on.

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