Google Starts Testing Video Ads

By Kaitlyn Smeland Dhanaliwala | Mar 30, 2009
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Google has started testing video advertising through a product called Google TV Ads Online, according to a Wall Street Journal article. Eventually, the program will be expanded to an entire platform that will allow advertisers to advertise on Google TV, YouTube, and other video sites.  Advertising across all video sites will be manageable through the same Google interface.

One potential threat to the success of the program is the lack of full-length content on some of these video sites.  (Users are more willing to watch ads during longer content).  YouTube has only signed a few deals for full-length content to date, although it is in talks with other media outlets.

Are we happy about more video ads online?  Well, Google maintains that because of its targeting abilities, ads will remain as relevant as possible.  And after having just cutting 200 positions in Sales and Marketing, Google is likely relying on the new platform to sell to advertisers.  As Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land points out, Google is trying to position itself as a one-stop media platform for advertisers, offering targeted advertising through a variety of platforms.  Recently, Google’s efforts to expand into print and radio ads were unsuccessful.  But TV and video ads still remain on the table.

Likely meant for larger advertisers interested in branding activities, Google TV Ads Online starts to deviate from its super-targeted search niche.  Time will tell whether there is enough of an interest in video ads to keep Google growing.

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