Google Universal Search: Preliminary Information on Video Results

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Jun 26, 2007
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This week I started to look into the video results that appear as part of Universal Search results on Google. So far, here’s some general facts I’ve found about video results:

  • Like images, video results primarily appear on the first page of results. I did find some results on page 2 of the results, but typically at positions 11 or 12 — high on the second page.
  • Like images and other media in Universal Search, video does not appear with all searches.
  • Unlike images and other forms of media (such as blogs and news), video appears integrated within the regular website results.
  • Google is only primarily showing videos that appear in You Tube and Google Video. However, I did also come across a few videos hosted on and

That’s all for now… more results later this week.

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