Google+ Will Not Be Ignored with Launch of Google+ Communities

By Sarah Lokitis | Dec 12, 2012
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Google+ Cannot Be IgnoredWith prominent social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, ingrained in our daily rituals, as well as expectations for businesses, it’s hard for another social network to jump in and take off.

This year, I’ve talked a lot about Google+ and what it means for businesses from online reputation and SEO perspectives.  Google+ is inherently important for businesses because Google is important for business, and now is gaining even more data about your target audience’s online behavior. An extension of the search engine we have all grown to love, Google+ continues to define itself by its own standards, rather than comparing itself to what other social networks offer and how they operate for businesses. And while there are certainly Google+ haters out there, the latest numbers show that there are 135 million users on Google+ per month! That kind of audience is not to be ignored.

One differentiation of Google+ is the ease at which you can tailor your message to specific audiences. With Circles, sorting your friends into buckets, as well as sorting people with similar interests, say photography, into buckets, creates a more personalized experience for people on the network. You may not want to share pictures of your new baby to every single person on the web (or maybe you would), but with Circles, your message can be sent to only the group you want it to.
Google+ CommunitiesContinuing on this idea, Google+ introduced Google+ Communities to encourage groups of people with similar interests to network. Take a look at the already created communities and join some to see what you think.

From what I’ve learned, Google+ Communities allow for:

  • Hangout video chats with the community
  • Events calendar feature with photo options
  • Several privacy options from unsearchable to completely public
  • Ability to +1 on a site and share links to your community
  • Topic organization within communities

Here is the promo video for Google+ communities (it makes me wish I was more of a foodie) :

Are you going to join a Google+ community?

Let me know what you think of the new feature on Google+! Are you going to explore communities over the holidays? I want to know! Find me on G+ here or feel free to comment below!

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