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By Evan Levy | Mar 30, 2011
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Google Talk Guru Google has launched a new tool called Google Talk Guru that gives users yet another way to search the web.  It’s essentially a chat bot that delivers some of the basic functionality of the search engine to a chat window.  Ask the chat bot for information like sports scores, a weather update, a definition, or even a standard web search, and the bot will reply with the information the user requested.  This tool delivers the capabilities of a Google search box typically found only in browsers to a chat program.

Talk Guru works with an assortment of chat applications that support Google Talk.  To try it out, send a chat invite to and try some of the commands.

I use Gchat and Google Talk to communicate with my co-workers every day.  I find myself opening a new browser window or tab just so I can Google a word to find out if I spelled it correctly, or to perform a search and not lose the page I was working on.  Talk Guru may prove to be much more convenient for that quick and dirty (not that kind of dirty) search for small bits of information.

What’s more, is that this tool will also give you a link to a standard web search.  Simply type “web” followed by your search query and Talk Guru will deliver a link to a search page with the results for your query.  Although this is what has happened for me repeatedly, others seem to be getting different responses in their chats.  In my use,  Talk Guru sent a Google mobile link, and for some reason, the search results seem to come not from, but from (Google Kenya).  Seeing as I’m not in Kenya, or on a mobile device, I find this a little odd, and will be interested to see if this feature gets tweaked or becomes more uniform across user’s experiences.

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