Guy Kawasaki Talks Twitter at SES New York

By Amanda Sides | Mar 24, 2009
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In the rapidly growing world of Twitter… “Nobodies are the new somebodies.”  Guy Kawasaki gives the SES New York Keynote presentation on “Twitter As A Tool For Social Media.”

Kawasaki gives 10 tips on how to effectively use Twitter to get ahead.

  1. Forget the A-list.  Although you can get a lot out of A list users, the A list is overrated.  There are plenty of no name users out there who could be an advantage to you.  Try to follow them and allow them to find you.  A bubble-up strategy is the way to go, not trickle-down.
  2. De-Focus. Be open-minded. You never know who will find you, and in return, you never know who you’ll find.
  3. Get lots of followers.
    1. You should Auto-follow everyone that follows you. You don’t want to seem arrogant, and you also want to give everyone the opportunity to direct message you.
    2. Measure your response. Use to measure how many retweets you get.
  4. Monitor your brand. You can use filters to show only what is being said about you or your company. You should monitor your company, name, and segment.
  5. Copy other companies. Check out and get inspired by what other companies are doing to utilize Twitter. Find out what the best practices currently used are, and let it spur new ideas you can use in the future.
  6. Try out Twitter Search. By doing this you can find users who have questions that relate to your business. You can set restrictions such as topics, location, etc. You can find someone down the street who is looking for your service, then you can let them know you are there for them.
  7. Get the Tools. Some tools Kawasaki recommends:
    1. TweetDeck: An application where you can have separate columns for different filters. One drawback…You can only view one account at a time.
    2. Twhirl: This application allows you to view more than one account at once.
    3. Cotweet: This is a tool that makes it easier for businesses to use Twitter.
  8. Squeeze the Trigger. Don’t be afraid to utilize Twitter for commercial purposes. TwitterHawk has been coined as the “ultimate spamming tool.” You can automatically send preset tweets to users who tweet about certain topics relating to your business. Main drawback… It costs 5 cents per outgoing tweet.
  9. Make it easy to share. Have a share on Facebook or Twitter button/link. Kawasaki suggests only having the main social media there, not 20 because you don’t want to give the users too many choices. TwitterFeed is a tool that enables users to automatically have outgoing tweets placed in their account when a user of interest puts out a blog post or newsletter.
  10. Take the Heat. If you start spamming, or attempt to start using twitter as a marketing tool, be prepared to take the heat. You will have followers start sending hate-tweets… Kawasaki suggests simply responding with UFM. UnFollow Me. If they are going to complain, they don’t have to keep following you.

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