Happy Holidays from Google and Bing!

By Sarah Lokitis | Dec 6, 2011
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It’s officially the holiday season! Malls and online shopping carts are packed and Christmas countdowns are up and running. Google and Bing have joined in on the excitement, each with their own version of an interactive Holiday countdown.

Bing Magical Holiday Calendar

This year, Bing created a Magical Holiday Calendar that resembles an Advent Calendar. There is a different image to click on each day of the month and the countdown is focused on the Holiday season as a whole, rather than just Christmas. When you first visit the site, Bing tells you:

Bing Holiday Calendar

Like an Advent calendar, each day a new gift is revealed.

Bing Holiday Calendar CountdownDon’t get too greedy though. If you click on days that haven’t happened yet, Bing lets you know you need to wait. Don't Click Too Early on the Bing Magical Holiday Calendar

Countdown to Track Santa

Again this year, Google is partnering with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) for Norad Tracks Santa.

Norad Tracks Santa

Norad Christmas Village

As pictured above, there is a Christmas Village with children’s games, but the real fun begins on Christmas Eve tracking Santa’s location in real-time on the website using Google Maps and in 3D with Google Earth. Google Maps for Mobile is also in on the action for those who won’t be near a computer.

I was happy to see there is even a Norad Tracks Santa Google+ Page with photos and updates. And of course, Google Maps and Google Earth are in Norad Tracks Santa’s Circles.

Happy Holidays!

Countdowns to the holidays are exciting and a great way to build anticipation for products and events. What other interactive online countdowns have you found? Are these search engine countdowns and partnerships part of your holiday tradition? I hope you have a wonderful December and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Comment below, find me on Twitter @Lokitis, or find me on Google+ +Sarah Lokitis.

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