Holiday PPC Efforts: Integrate Incentives for a Successful Season

By Amanda Sides | Nov 13, 2009
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Whether you are advertising to sell donuts or used cars, you most likely all have one common goal: To be successful this holiday season. With the recession issues of late, sales in many industries have seen a decline in the past few months. Being that the holiday season is quickly approaching, you’ll want to be prepared and as ready as you can to take advantage of purchase-happy consumers.

If your business is offering any kind of promotion, discount, or sale anticipating the holiday season, you should use it to your advantage throughout your PPC campaigns. These types of promotions are usually pretty short-lived, so it’s best to focus on PPC, not SEO. By the time your search engine optimization efforts would start to take effect, your sales event might already be over. So focus on pay-per-click efforts to get visibility on these offers immediately.

During times when money is tight, consumers are looking for any little way to save an extra dollar. Think about it for a minute; if you are about to make a big purchase, or even a smaller one, you’d be much more inclined to make the purchase that is going to help you save money.

In economics and sociology an incentive is any factor (financial or non-financial) that enables or motivates a particular course of action, or counts as a reason for preferring one choice to the alternatives. It is an expectation that encourages people to behave in a certain way. -Wikipedia

Many retail companies advertise various sales events as the holiday season nears. Why not take that online and use it in your PPC advertising? The Google Retail Advertising Blog released a post earlier this week, citing examples of successful campaigns for companies that benefitted from incentive heavy advertising that included the Cash for Clunkers program that stimulated the automotive industry this summer, and the “All You Can Jet” jetBlue campaign that resulted in selling out their airline passes in just 2 days. The Google Retail Team suggests that an easy way to capitalize on this type of consumer behavior is to utilize your discounts and offers online: “87% of consumers plan to take advantage of price discounts or sales this holiday season,” and “73% of consumers plan to take advantage of free shipping.”

Knowing that consumers have “saving money” on their minds going into the holiday season, you should consider integrating your sales events and other promotions that benefit the consumer into your PPC campaigns. They’ll be more inclined to buy from you instead of “the other guy.”

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  • Trontastic

    Great post. I actually had an indepth conversation about this very topic earlier today. If I may, here are a couple additional pointers that PPC’ers should take advantage of

    - Run your holiday campaigns in a new campaign with new adgroups that include keywords you did not target previously and ads you did not have running previously. This will give a slight boost in initial traffic

    - Set a stop date for the campaign in the Google UI so you don’t end up having holiday ads running post-season on accident.

    Again, great post!