Hot! or Not?

By Avelyn Austin | Jul 23, 2008
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Will Google have some competition come 2015? According to Michael Syzmczyk the answer is yes.

Syzmczyk is the CEO of Hot! Search Marketing, a “free” SEO marketing company. Of course, it’s not completely free. Instead they charge an average of $10.00 per lead or $3,000 per month with a standard twelve month contract. As stated in a recent PRLog press release, Hot! only offers its services to companies that they deem ethical. They even offer incentives to non-profits, start-ups, and companies associated with alternative energy.

Even as the CEO, search engine optimization isn’t the only hot idea running through Syzmczyk’s head. In an interview Syzmczyk said Hot! will:

“…eventually create the next great search engine, one that goes far beyond Google. Something you would see in science-fiction movies like A.I., where it’s like you’re in Oz and asking a wizard for the keys to the kingdom. That’s the search engine we want to create. A search engine that’s relevant and knows everything, including human psychology and gives to the consumer exactly what they want when they hit search. That learns from each user and provides custom results based on their previous search history. An intelligent search engine, that’s probably the name people will give to it.”

Although this omnipotent search engine sounds like it will fix the world one search at a time, I can’t help being skeptical. How can a search engine produce all relevant results using human psychology while being the ethics police at the same time?

  • Human Psychology: If a search engine tries to figure you out by your searches who’s to say they’ll get right?

Many of the current search engines go for the 1-2 Punch and rarely get it right. For example, if you search on Google for a ‘child seat’ and then immediately search for a ‘car’ two of the sponsored links return ads for children’s battery powered cars. Even though the two searches aren’t related Google has tried to use previous searches to get you ‘relevant’ results which end up not being relevant at all. If Hot!’s new algorithm has figured out how to correctly pair previous searches to current searches more power to them, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Ethics Police: Will users like having their searches policed?

We’ve already been told that Hot! Search Marketing doesn’t work with companies that they deem unethical. What if this policy is carried over to it’s search engine? Does that mean that Hot! will be “all knowing wizard” but only give you results that they think are ethical? I think many will agree that the Internet is an amazing tool because it gives us access to information about anything and everything! What’s the use of a search engine that only gives you some of the many results? Would anyone be interested? Again, there is no evidence that Hot! will “ethically” police the results, but what if?

I for one am excited to see the possibility of a search engine that is larger than life, or should I say larger than Google. But, only time will tell if Google’s competitor is Hot! or not.

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