How Bing Cashback Works

By Amanda Sides | Dec 24, 2009
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Bing Cashback is a program that Bing launched a while back that allows consumers to earn cash back when they make purchases from advertisers that participate in the program.  Bing Cashback has fully replaced the Bing Product Upload Beta, which used to be Bing’s free option.  Keep reading to get a run-down on what Bing Cashback has to offer, and how to get started.

Bing Cashback for Advertisers:

Especially around the holiday season, consumers are looking for the brands that offer the most attractive incentives when making their purchase decisions. On top of your sales events, you might want to consider joining the Bing Cashback program Bing offers its advertisers. Consumers will be attracted to the incentive of getting cash back if they purchase from you. Here are the qualifications you must meet to be eligible to register:

  • Your business is headquartered in the U.S.
  • You have a retail site with e-commerce capabilities.
  • You are able to ship product orders.
  • You can create and maintain a product data feed.
  • You can place a standard tracking pixel on your order confirmation page.

One benefit of participating in Bing Cashback is that you control how your products are listed compared to competitors, and how much customers are rewarded. Bing Cashback works with a CPA (cost-per-acquisition) model, so you will have less maintenance than a PPC (pay-per-click) based model, and you are guaranteed ROI on all purchases.

Bing Cashback for Consumers:

In three words, Bing describes its cashback program with “Search, Shop, Save.” When consumers choose Bing as their engine of choice, they are given the ability to search for cashback deals on their product of interest. Compare prices along with cashback offerings from different sites, choose the site that’s most appealing to you, make your purchase, and Bing will send you a cashback confirmation email post-purchase. One thing to note, sometimes sites will have varying waiting periods on when you will receive your cash back. When searching for a product, you have several options within the search page to make shopping easier. One includes the ability to choose to show only the results that include cashback.

On the Bing Shopping page, you can choose to search stores that offer cashback.

This is helpful if you are searching to browse what a particular store/brand offers instead of a particular product.

If you want more information regarding the Bing Cashback program, visit the Bing Shopping FAQ’s page.

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