How do bloggers keep the content new?

By Catherine Potts | Mar 29, 2007
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Recently, some controversy, and probably on purpose, has come out telling the new bloggers in the SEO blog world to “step away from the keyboard” (gray wolf) because what new bloggers are writing about is not unique and is “regurgitated” information. I’m not going to link the blog since I consider it to be a tactic to inflame bloggers and have them link to Gray Wolf’s site (link bait).

Gray Wolf said for bloggers to “step away from the keyboard” because he thinks that a lot of information is just being regurgitated and echoed throughout the SEO blogging world with very little value-add. I’m sure there is a lot of truth to that and I’m sure that’s exactly what my post could be considered. Regurgitation by someone who isn’t as experienced as engine representatives like Matt Cutts or by SEO longtimers. I liked what this guy had to say and didn’t feel like I could improve apon it:

“My only issue is I think “regurgitated news” is having a different meaning to different people. When I hear that, I think VERBATIM news… 3 sentences repeating a sumaary with a link to SEW. To take his sports analogy – yes, anyone who loves to play sports should do so whether it be major or minor leagues… but, if everytime you play sports, you get smacked in the face with the ball because you cant catch, throw, run or hit – you might want to find a new hobby.When I hear regurgitated news, I dont think “non a list bloggers” I think crap three sentence post with a link to the real story.”

As many of the responses to Gray Wolf’s video post say, it’s what’s required for SEO bloggers or just bloggers in general to become adequate bloggers. You know, see if what you write “sticks” and if not, then try… try again. It’s a learning process and perhaps from the blogging you do gain clients, then all the better. I know when I am looking for a service I want to know that someone knows what they are talking about.

Also, there is no one way to cover a story. It’s quite obvious that blogging is rarely objective and is the majority of the time the opinion of the writer(as with Gray Wolf’s opinion). In my view, it’s the opinions that make the blogging valuable and as one comment said:

“- Nobody covers any topic to 100% and includes every angle possible
- Everybody is not on the same knowledge level and new people join the community every day

- The only fact that does never change is the fact that things change all the time and require to revisit old topics and reevaluate statements made in the past

- There is no well sorted reference where everything that was said is being consolidated, aggregated and well structured stored in an easy to use archive”

I know that within the industry it is tough to find unique things to blog about since there are so many bloggers out there. I know that many topics are often echoed, so I see Gray Wolf’s point to an extent. But demeaning the fact the new bloggers will have anything of value to add is a somewhat aggressive position to take (albeit his position). I hate to think that A-lister bloggers really don’t value new insight into a topic that they’ve been around for the longest. Every “newbie” has to work out the kinks, just like the A-listers had to when they were new. I’m confident that there is enough room for everyone and since it’s the “in thing” in Hollywood when someone’s offended people, perhaps Gray Wolf should go to rehab?

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