How To: Claim Your Facebook Community Page

By Renee Revetta | Jan 13, 2011
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Remember when Facebook changed personal profiles from listing your interests to making you select links for your interests – essentially wiping out your profile content? In doing so, Facebook automatically generated hundreds of pages from the interests, workplaces, education, activities, favorite TV shows etc. users list in their profiles – called Community Pages. Now your company probably has a  Community Page that is floating around Facebook, unclaimed, pulling in whatever Facebook users say in their status messages about your brand. And it most likely has a lonely, generic briefcase as a logo.

In review, from the Facebook Help Center:

Community pages — the pages that link from fields you fill out in your profile — are for general topics and all kinds of unofficial but interesting things. You “like” these pages to connect with them, but they aren’t run by a single author, and they don’t generate News Feed stories.

This post will help you claim your company’s page, so when Facebook does decide to make its next move, your brand is prepared. I’ve found it’s much better to be proactive with Facebook marketing rather than lagging behind.

1. To find your community page, type your brand name into Facebook Search.  Look for that briefcase logo. Once on your page, look for a box like the one above, under the Profile image.

2. Click on “Is this your Page?” and follow the prompts that appear on the screen.  Below is an example of this process using Search Mojo’s community page.

3. After certifying you’re a representative of your company, continue the process and complete the form below. Facebook will contact you when the next step of the process is available for users. At this point, these actions are proactive in anticipation for Facebook’s next iteration of Community Pages.

AllFacebook stated that the process could take a few days. However it’s been a month or so since I claimed the Search Mojo community page, and I actually had to go through the process multiple times before the option saying “Is this your Page?” disappeared from our Community Page. Facebook has said that claiming your page will merge it with your official Facebook Page, but we’ve yet to see that happen at Search Mojo. For an online reputation management perspective on this issue, see what I wrote about Community Pages back in August on Marketing Pilgrim.

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  • Mark

    I went to the Facebook page that had been generated for my company name, but could find no “Is This Your Page?” in the options. Is there somewhere to go to find out if someone else has claimed it, and who they are? Thanks.

  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Mark,

    Interesting. I’m seeing “Is this your Business?” on certain Place pages still. However, Facebook may have already taken away the opportunity to claim your Community page or someone else may have claimed it. As of now, I don’t believe the data about who may have claimed the page is public. Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @ReneeRevetta – hope to help solve this for you!

  • Jennifer

    I do not see “Is This Your Page?” Does this mean someone else has claimed my page? How can I contest it or find a way to claim it?

  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Jennifer – are you connected to that page by “Liking” it? If you aren’t already that may be why. Let me know if that helps. If not, feel free to email me at rrevetta[at]search-mojo[dot]com and I’ll try to assist you.

  • Fergus Ray Murray

    I’m not seeing any sign of any ‘Is this your (page/business)?’ anywhere on facebook – are you sure they haven’t just removed it entirely? Also, are you aware of any instances of it ever actually working?

  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Fergus -

    This process did work leading up to the days before and day of that I published this post. By doing this I was able to merge a client’s Official Page and their Place/Community Page just the other day. I also just checked right now, and I see the “Is this your business?” option on a Community/Place Page that has a similar (if not identical) name to a Facebook Page I’m an admin of. For example “X X Hospital” Place Page is asking me if this is my business because I’m an admin on the “X X Hospital” Official Page.

    So, make sure you’re an admin on the Official Page, and then see if your options change on the Community Page. Hope that helps you!

  • Jim

    Hi Renee -

    We are in a similar situation – there is a large community page, which we’d love to have merged with our official page. Nobody I have talked to has claimed the community page, but it is not giving us the option to do so. From the earlier posts, I am led to believe that somebody, at some point, has claimed this page… but we can’t know who or contact them directly. Facebook provides nothing in regards to support for this… I have combed the Help section. Any ideas? I am an admin of the organization’s page, as well as having both the organization and myself “like” the community page… which did not open up any additional options. Perhaps this has something to do with the new latest profile upgrade?


    • Renee Revetta

      Hi Jim,
      From your email I guessed at which Page you’re referring to. I checked other university pages and have seen the same thing with their pages (even ones I “Like”). For pages of this size, maybe Facebook isn’t giving anyone an option of claiming? I wish I could help you more. Search Mojo has worked with universities before so I understand that there’s a possibility of someone else claiming it without your knowledge since there are so many people that interact with university assets. I’d recommend to keep an eye on it every now and again, and especially pay attention to the “Related Posts” tab. I’m seeing that Facebook is now allowing people to post to the Community Page’s wall. This is very frustrating, since there’s no set person to moderate. However, whenever you get a chance, I’d check in on it. If you’d like to continue the conversation, feel free to email me at rrevetta(at)search-mojo(dot)com.

      Best wishes,

  • Kevin

    I put in a request to merge a community page with our Fan Page back in December (12/15/10 to be exact) and I’ve still yet to see anything happen. The “Is this your page?” disappeared from the community page but that’s it. Last I heard it could take up to 6 months for the merge to happen – have you heard anything else or have any suggestions to move the process along? Thanks!

    • Renee Revetta

      Hi Kevin,

      I would say it took us about that long (5-6 months) for Facebook to merge a client’s Community/Place page and Official Page. Insane. At this point, they know you want to claim the page and the option is removed – so no one else can – which is good. Only process to expedite might be claiming infringement of some sort for the Community Page ( which might not be exactly what you’re going for.

      Hope this helps,

  • Kevin

    Thanks Renee! I’m just getting impatient so it’s good to know it’s not unusual. I followed you on Twitter, I’m @k3v2 if you want to follow back or talk over there.

  • Sharon

    Help! FB has recategorized this as a community page. It’s not! It’s my business. I’ve followed their link a few times to let them know….haven’t heard anything from them. Any suggestions? thanks.

  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Sharon, that page looks like it is a Business Page in the Health/Wellness category. So you should be good to go :)

  • Rachel

    How do you claim a page AND request it to be merged to an existing company’s page?


    • Renee Revetta

      Hi Rachel, For me claiming the page allowed me to merge it with whatever official Page I wanted it connected to. Good luck!

  • Zachary

    How did you go about merging it? I have claimed the page already, just dont know the HOW TO of merging it with my existing business page

    • Renee Revetta

      Facebook determines when you’re able to actually merge the Pages. A notification will appear on top of your page asking if you’d like to do so. So unfortunately, from my experience when I merged our Pages, it’s a “wait around for Facebook” situation once you’ve claimed the page.

  • Karen @ Pledging for Change

    I cant see how to claim my page either. I have a bad feeling about all of this and it could be bad news for many businesses if FACEBOOK dont get this right.
    It wouldn’t surpise me if they are going to charge for these business community pages and if a business doesn’t take uo the offer within a set period of time they may make the pages open to the public to buy them… talk about potential damaging a reputation or branding eh? :-)
    ps businesses usually buy all the domains up, etc to protect themselves but this facebook idea of community pages is just another way someone can obtain the branding name isn’t it? oh dear…

  • kristen

    Thank you! A community page was generated for me when I entered my business as my work. And yes the ugly briefcase was assigned. This was months ago, I ignored it, not wanting to start a page yet. Now I’m ready and made a new page for my business. I have a bunch of people who have liked it. When I look it up through the search the ugly briefcase one comes up as the business page and the new one is under places. Frustrating. I am also unable to claim the community page even though i just ‘liked’ it. I am able to post information on my wall for the one that shows up in places on the search. I feel like I’m tangled up in string! What should I do?

  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Kristen,

    For me, your Places page showed up first. Also, keep in mind Facebook has a lot of different factors that determine search results and rankings:

    If you’re not seeing any “claim” option, unfortunately you have to wait for Facebook.

    Thanks for reading,

  • kristen

    Thanks for beind such a great resource! If you were in Portland I’d treat you to some acupuncture!

  • Terry

    Do you know if they have removed this claim option? I work for a major University that is just now joining the social world. Our community page is huge and naturally comes up first in searches. There is no option for us to merge the page or for users to link their education to any other page other than the community page.

  • Renee Revetta

    Sure, makes sense – many people list the University under their Education, so it has tons of Likes on the Community Page. Unfortunately Facebook Help says if there’s no option to claim, then it’s not available at this time:

    However, you might want to check out – if any of the community pages or other pages out there are violating the University on the legal side this could help.

    Hopefully as your following grows your Page will rank higher for users that are connected to the University.

  • joffrey

    Hi Renee, i need your help :)
    Sorry but i did not understand the whole process.
    i have 2 fan pages that i want to merge but no community page.
    Do i have first to create a community page, autenticate it and link it to my fan pages before beeing able to merge them?
    many thanks

  • Renee Revetta

    I don’t think you can merge two Facebook Pages – only Place/community pages with official Business Pages. Community Pages are typically auto-generated by Facebook when users list the company or school within their profile. Good luck Joffrey!

  • joffrey

    Hi Renee, many thanks
    but it seems it was possible.

    the form doesn t work anymore :(

  • Michelle

    Do you know what happens to a community page if you claim a community page but your official page is not published yet?

    • Renee Revetta

      Hi Michelle – I believe the Facebook Page needs to exist to be able to merge it with the community page. I’ve never actually dealt with that situation before, though.

  • Dan

    I have created a place “Choices for Women” and noticed there is a Page called “Choices for Women” that seems abandonded. I want to claim this page. Can you tell me how?


  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Dan,

    If you do not see a “claim” option you might want to check out these links if you are an official representative:

  • Tim

    I have the same problem. A few day’s ago I created a page for my business but it seems my places page is more popular then my business page.
    I can’t claim the places page because there is no “is this your business” link.

    So in this case I just have to wait for facebook to make the connection between my officiale page and the places page?

  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Tim, I’m actually seeing the “is this your business” link on the Place page…if you end up being able to see the same link, click on that and follow the process. Eventually, Facebook should notify you that you can merge your Place with your Business Page.

    Hope that works for you!

  • Tim

    Is it possible that in some countries it is not available?
    Because I don’t see the link.
    I see a link “do you know the owner” but I cannot choose myself as the owner because I am not in my own friend list.
    I’ve sent a mail via that link to an other email address of myself but in the mail it asks me to login to facebook which results only in just being normally logged in.

  • Tim

    Strange, a friend of mine from the same country can see the link but I can’t.
    Is it because my “employer” is the community page in stead of the places page?

  • exachary

    Is it possible to claim the community page of a person? I have a page for myself, but there’s also a community page that for me and I want to merge the two if possible.

  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Tim – glad we’ve been able to connect via email. Exachary – the process should be the same, as long as you have a Business Page to merge it with.

  • Tim

    It looks like this feature is not available (anymore?) in Belgium. A friend of mine who was on holiday has claimed it and made me admin. So finally I own the place ;-)
    But also the merge link does not appear.

    If you want something unique for your blog you could try to find out how to solve this without the links, because no other websites or blogs mention this :-)

    Anyway, good luck and thanks. Btw, nice picture :p

  • Sadie

    I’m trying to claim my company’s community page on Facebook, but I, like many others, am not seeing the “is this your page?” option anywhere. I have liked the page, listed in my “work” section on my personal profile, and still am not seeing it. Is there anything else I could try – like creating a new page and then merging the two later (we currently do not have any claimed Facebook pages)?


  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Sadie, would you mind emailing me (rrevetta(at)search-mojo(dot)com and I’ll see if your Page has the “do you know the business owner?” option on there. If so we can maybe get you access that way.

  • Andrey


    I have a place and I cannot find the “Is this your Page?” link.

    I live in Israel and the place is in Israel and I checked into the place with my mobile phone – no link.

    The place:

    Do you see the link?
    It looks like the link is not available from Israel.

    Thank you

  • Raylee

    Hi Renee, I have claimed the community page for the organisation I work for and it is linked to my personal page. I will be leaving soon and want that community page transferred to my manager’s Facebook page and taken off my page, how can I do this? Thanks, Raylee

    • Renee Revetta

      Hi Raylee, My suggestions would be to try and have your manager also claim the page. Although I believe as long as your manager is also an admin of the Facebook page, you should be fine. Your manager would be notified upon logging in that the pages have been merged.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Andrew

    Great article, appreciate learning the genesis of all the un-onwned pages.

    I claimed a page over a week ago, yet am still not listed as the edit. How long must I wait.

    Here’s the page.



    • Renee Revetta

      Thanks Andrew – I just checked and it looks like your pages have been merged!


  • cybearDJM

    Thx Renee, that’s what I was looking for.
    FB created a community page for an artist I work for, based on his Wikipedia page, although we already have an “official” one.
    When the page first appeared (a long time ago, probably when FB launched the opengraph or so…) I was offered the option to “claim”, enter my email address and be contacted at some point when FB would be ready… This was at least 1 year ago… O’course, nothing ever happened.
    I checked your post, checked the page, and don’t have any option to re-claim… and no way to contact anyone…
    What’s really strange, is that in the “report the page” link, I can say it’s duplicate content. BUT, I can’t enter the proper page’s name, as the box uses opengraph to propose “names” and mine does not appear…
    Don’t know what’s the next step…

  • Coralys

    I have been trying to reclaim the username for a long time. After several email exchanges with Facebook “User Team” it was leading nowhere.

    I followed up by sending up the legal documents to support the claim and am still to receive any answer. In the meantime I have not been able to print new business cards because of the pending username issue.

    I find the FB team to be very unresponsive when it comes to listening to their userbase.

  • Renee Revetta

    Hi there – maybe try asking your friends to search for you to see if they have that option. There might be a “know the owner” type of link that they can select and then enter your email address. I’ve had that work in the past. Very strange stuff going on with community pages. Best of luck!

  • Renee Revetta

    Hi Coralys, the only resource I know of is submitting a claim here: which you’ve probably already done. Best of luck :/

  • Allan Legarth Nielsen

    Hi Renee

    It has been interesting reading. I can see I have the same problem as a lot of others. I work for a company, and they have a normal profile (like a personal profile). They asked me to make a proper company page, but I discovered there was already a page for it, with that briefcase logo…. I can’t claim it, even though I “liked” it. I can’t choose if I know the owner……

    What to do?


  • Vic

    I’m an actor/comedian who makes video shorts and someone has made a community page for one of my characters that has become popular. I have my own official facebook page to promote my videos, merchandise, etc. (although it’s not named specifically for just one character), but I’d like control over that community page to let people know about new videos released and new merchandise. As well as try to merge it with all the other pages that have been made of this character. Some of the pages impersonate this character as well. I know I could submit an abuse report, or copyright infringement, or fake impersonation, but I don’t want the pages to be shut down. I just want the fans to be connected to who they think they’re connected to so they can get all the right info. I’ve tried posting on the community page to get the attention of the admins, but they won’t respond.

    What can I do?

  • Joe

    I have 3 pages for my business – one has a briefcase. None of them have the link “Is this your business.”