How to Create a Twitter Daily Newspaper

By Renee Revetta | Oct 13, 2010
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You may have seen “The ____ Daily is out!” tweets popping up everywhere lately. This post will help explain what the papers are and why you should consider creating one. I’ll also review the types, how to choose users for your list (if you choose a list format) and how the papers are created.


“ organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or #tag.”

To create a paper, visit the site, but not before considering the following information.

Why should I create one?
The daily newspapers help to:

  • Gain exposure in your industry by sharing relevant information
  • Get new followers, which increases your social circle
  • Gain attention from those you follow, but don’t follow you – though the @ mentions of those that shared the top stories
  • Promote your Twitter account as an industry expert and leader
  • Establish yourself or your company as a reliable resource

Various formats of

  • Based on a specific Twitter user
  • Based on a specific Twitter hashtag (#SEO)
  • Based on a Twitter list

If you’re using a list, choose the list members wisely. I’d recommend creating a list of Twitter users that tweet content related to your industry. Especially if you’re new to Twitter this might seem difficult, but below are a list of resources to help you out. On each of these sites, you can search by topic to find relevant Twitter users:

How the papers are created

From the Stay on Search blog: selects specific types of tweet to generate content for a paper. First and foremost, it is looking for tweets with links, as the title of each “story” on the paper will link directly to the page, blog post, article, etc.

Not only do tweets with links get placement within the paper, but will also pull in images and videos, organize the paper by topic, and provide a trending topic box. Do remember that the creation is randomized and you have no control over which stories are shared. Below are some examples of Search Mojo’s daily papers:

Some words of caution

From what I’ve seen, the time of publish is 24 hours from when you first create it. Be sure to create your during normal office hours for maximum online visibility. UPDATE: You can now select the time you’d like your to auto tweet. You can find this under “My” on the top right nav under “My paper settings”.

As I mentioned, content is randomly pulled from users or the list, so if the users are tweeting about non-industry topics like cute bunnies or SNL skits, those links very well could be included in the daily. This might be one pro to using the hashtag set up.

Each daily is associated with the user of the Twitter list it is built from, and you can’t determine the image used in the masthead. If you’re creating a corporate, use the corporate Twitter account to create the daily and you won’t have this problem.

Another similar service I’ve seen is Twitter Times. What do you think about the daily Twitter papers? Are they clogging your stream or providing a one-stop-shop to catch up on the most popular stories of the day?

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