How To: Create/Edit Keyword Destination URLs

By Amanda Sides | Sep 9, 2009
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Whether you are starting a campaign from scratch, or just taking a different approach to your account and making some edits, keyword destination URLs should be on your list of things to consider. Keyword destination URLs are the specific URLs you can enter that can help your AdWords efforts become even more customized to the searcher’s needs. If a query is a specific product or product number, you can land them directly on the corresponding product page, making the landing page as relevant as possible. Another reason you would use keyword destination URLs would be if you have created a custom landing page for the ad group, and would like to see dynamic headlines on the page. With some additional coding within the URL, you can match the headline to the searcher’s exact query, once again, increasing relevance.

Google AdWords. In Google AdWords, you can either filter down to the exact keyword you’d like to edit, or you can use the new spreadsheet edit feature if you have many keyword destination URLs toGoogle Edit add/edit. To edit within the interface itself, simply check the box next to the keyword and select edit. There you’ll find the box to enter a destination URL. Another way to edit them is in AdWords Editor, the desktop application. You can easily track your changes, revert edits back to their original state, and quickly upload the changes to the online interface.

Yahoo Marketing Solutions. In Yahoo’s Marketing Solutions, you can drill down to the keyword level by either clicking on the campaign, then the ad group, and then clicking on the keywords Yahoo Edittab, or simply using the search feature to find the specific keyword you want to edit. Once you have found the keyword you’d like to add/edit a destination URL, click on the keyword to go to that keyword’s summary home page. Scroll down to the “Ads” section. Click the box labeled “Use a custom destination URL for this keyword.” Now enter the URL you would like for this keyword and click save. This can be pretty time consuming if you have a long list of words you need edited. You can always try the campaign spreadsheet download, make the edits, and upload, but a lot of people have trouble uploading once they’ve edited.

MSN adCenter. In adCenter, you can go to the keyword list within the ad group you’d like to add/edit keyword destination URLs for, and select the boxes next to the keywords (or select all if appMSN Editlicable) you’d like to edit. Click “Add/Edit Keywords” and enter the URL into the “Destination URL” column for the corresponding keyword. Another way you can make these edits is via the spreadsheet download/upload option, or what I prefer is using the MSN adCenter Desktop Application. It’s easy to find where you need to make the edits, see your progress, and quickly upload your changes.

Adding/Editing keyword destination URLs can be very time consuming and really tedious, but if you educate yourself on the most effective ways to implement your edits, it can save you a lot of headaches once you get started.

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