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By Renee Revetta | Mar 11, 2010
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The other week I shared with you how to get a corporate Buzz.  Hopefully you’ve listened to my advice and set up an account, but you might be left wondering – now what?   It’s fine to connect existing social media accounts and let it be, but if you’ve always wanted more comments and viewers of your corporate blog this could be your ticket. Following are some tips to get the most out of Buzz  with the science of search and social media in mind.

Lead Buzz to your blog

Some choose to add their entire article to Buzz, but from an SEO perspective, this could negatively impact traffic to your blog. Posting the entire article on Buzz also doesn’t provide you with any analytics data. Instead you could try posting the first paragraph or an intriguing clip from the post, along with the link back to the full post on your blog.

Encourage a forum atmosphere

Whether you Buzz your entire post or not, you can ask your readers for feedback. If you do choose to post the entire article on Buzz, do what Tamar Weinberg did, and encourage those who left Buzz comments to visit the actual blog. Basically everyone that commented followed through with this request.
Tamar's commenting suggestion

A forum atmosphere is really where Buzz seems to excel. So feel free to reach out to friends, customers and clients through Buzz simply asking for their thoughts on a topic. Maybe you’ve recently released a new product, did a blog redesign or simply want to know if your friends are all headed to this weekend’s basketball game; Buzz is a quick and effective way to get feedback.

Cultivate new readers

By sharing some of your blog posts clips, users that may have never read your blog will be exposed to your content. Most small businesses and brands don’t have massive blog followings. It’s sad but true. So do a good job on Buzz and give them interesting content to read. It might just pull them in and convert them to a blog subscriber or brand enthusiast.

An SEO reminder

When you add a link to Buzz, it automatically creates anchor text from the page’s title tag. So this is just a reminder to carefully think about what your title tags are. For example, including the blog post’s title and your brand name is a smart idea. This makes the title tag specific to each page, but still contains your brand. Don’t make the mistake of having your company name as the title tag on every single page on your site. If possible every page title should be unique.

I’m not making these suggestions for no reason. Take it from the pros that are using some of these tactics. Tamar Weinberg and Brian Solis both post blog posts to Buzz and are having active conversations with their readers.

Any questions or comments? Leave them on Buzz, Twitter or right here – below. :)

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