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By Amanda Sides | Feb 23, 2012
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Bing Linked Pages

To further improve search results, the search engines are consistently releasing new updates and features to help searchers get the most out of their searches.  Staying on trend, Bing has just announced the beta release of Linked Pages.

In a nutshell, Linked Pages was created in order to improve the relevancy of people search results served up by the Bing algorithm. Bing describes this new feature as a way for you to “make a good impression in search results.”

For some people with unique names, for instance, Sarah Lokitis, it may be pretty easy to see which results mean my friend Sarah Lokitis. If someone were to do a search on a more popular name such as, Amanda Chaney, there are a quite a few other people out there with the same name, including a surgeon, actress, and a felon. If Sarah were to do a search on my name, this new feature would be helpful to her since she only has one friend on Facebook with the name Amanda Chaney.

Before Linked Pages, this is what she might find if she were performing a search on Amanda Chaney:

This is what the top of the search results would look like to her when she’s connected to Facebook through Bing:

 This view makes it really easy for her to find the results that point to pages about me, instead of any other Amanda Chaney out there that doesn’t happen to be me. So how do you get this type of result formatting to display for searches on your name?

1. Login with Facebook to Linked Pages

First, you’ll need to go to the Bing Linked Pages information page and Get Started setting yourself up for these newly displayed results. Note: You’ll have to select Allow Bing to post as you. Read more details regarding this inconvenience via Danny Sullivan’s post from earlier today about Bing posting to your Facebook timeline.

2. Perform a Search on Your Name

Next, you’ll need to perform a search on Bing for your own name. You’ll see search results that look something like this:

Here, you’ll see typical results you’d see normally, but with Link to me buttons underneath each result.

3. Click Link to me or Link to other friends

Now you’ll want to sift through the results and tell Bing which pages specifically are about you. You can also do a search on a friends name while in the Linked Pages option for search results, and help them out by linking to them. You always have the option of un-linking once you have linked that page to you.

How are you liking this new feature? Are you finding it helpful at all? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below or reaching out to me @amandadchaney.

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