Integrating Social Media and SEO

By Sarah Lokitis | Jun 29, 2011
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Yesterday, I participated in the webinar, “Learn How to Really Boost your SEO Results Using Social Media” led by Nick Stamoulis (@NickStamoulis), CEO of Brick Marketing. Stamoulis presented insightful tips on optimizing social media to improve SEO rankings and visibility. The evolution of social media marketing & search engine optimization creates opportunities to align efforts and receive more visibility.

Stamoulis highlighted a quote by Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team:

A lot of times people think SEO versus social media marketing, and a lot of the times it makes sense to keep a holistic view. First you have to have great content … then you need to tell people about it, and social media marketing can be a great way to do that.

Google puts Twitter profiles and tweets directly in our organic and news search engine results pages.

Twitter profile and tweet on Google

The recently released Google +1 appears in search results even when not logged in.

Google +1

Bing puts Facebook LIKEs directly in the SERP!

Bing uses Facebook LIKES

Leverage these social signals to benefit your SEO efforts!

Create a social media marketing strategy to align with your search engine optimization objectives and practices. Social media and SEO are long-term efforts and there is room to leverage social and SEO in every aspect of your company or organization.

Determine a linking strategy for how each platform can promote company or industry news and share the content between all of your platforms. Promote everything (whitepapers, webinars, blog posts, press releases, podcasts, etc.)! Optimize content naturally using the same keywords you use for SEO on your website.

Social bookmarking sites can provide traffic and link value when tagged properly for SEO with inbound links and/or traffic. As always, with content and social media, remember quality over quantity.

Integrate social media with all your marketing efforts. As you promote great content, people will find it and remain consistent. Aim for brand synergy and cohesiveness.


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  • seo ma

    great post. i have done some research on social media marketing also, it will definitely play a huge role in seo in the near future. I have ran a couple expierments with social media promoting like twitter facebook etc and i have notice that it does give out a signal to boost up your rankings on the serps. But i am sure it sends a signal to the search engines.

    great post