Landing Pages & Awful Websites

By Des Taggart | Jan 31, 2008
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Do you have a client who has a product–perhaps a good product–perhaps … not so good? Do you have that same client that has a need for a landing page or a series of landing pages to function at various capacities? Whether said company requires a boost in sales, product recognition, philosophy exposure or just an overall brand blast, the landing page(s) to accommodate a client’s needs is always a tricky venture. Especially when the landing page(s) “should” mirror the client’s look and feel–their brand.

Most clients you encounter have a fairly suitable parallel to both online and print branding schemes. But the question as it relates to online needs–in this case landing pages sometimes hit a a crack in the “super highway”–sometimes these cracks are more like chasms.

chasm: pronunciation, ‘ka-zem; function, noun; etymology, Latin chasma;

  1. a deep cleft in the surface of a planet (as the earth) : gorge
  2. a marked division, separation, or difference
  3. when a client’s website is so poor that designing and building a landing page to promote a client’s seo/ppc needs becomes more of a challenge than the 300 Spartans who faced insurmountable odds to fight the 1.7 million Persians in Thermopylae.

What is the fight we Spartan designers face today? The fight–the challenge is to create a
landing page that mirrors the brand of our client(s)–a brand that suffers due to an awful website. Whether the client’s website is poorly designed and/or developed, we sometimes face insurmountable odds to gain the immediate attention of the viewing audience.

How do we overcome these sometimes overwhelming odds? Communication is always the first response. Communicate a plan of attack with the client. Provide honest battle plans as it relates to the client’s online presence–without comprimising the alliance gained with the client to the enemy. The line in the sand is very thin when it comes to this challenge we all face. Brand adherence is a must and should never be deviated from … Sometimes overcoming challenges on the battlefield is to dig in and not only be super-creative, but to be able to adapt and overcome.

Now … what are you going to do?

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