Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas for Search Marketing Geeks

By Sarah Lokitis | Oct 24, 2012
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It’s almost Halloween, can you believe it? Search Mojo is partaking in the 2nd Annual Employee Search Marketing Costume Contest on All Hallows’ Eve. The rules are simple: wear your search marketing related costume to work on Halloween.

Last year the 5 person Al-Gore-Rhythm I partook in was pretty impressive. We all wore Al Gore faces (Al Gore), played musical instruments (Rhythm), and were a part of the search engine algorithms – including back links, Robots.txt, long-tail keywords, etc.

I’ll keep my costume a secret until Halloween, but please remember to get on Facebook and vote for Michelle Doty, Social Media Specialist, and my Halloween costumes. They are sure to impress!

For all of you search marketing geeks out there, yes you, in this post, I’ll share some ideas for last minute SEM Halloween costumes.

Panda or Penguin Update

Google Panda UpdateGoogle is known for their animal themed algorithm updates. Pull out your black and white clothing and dress as a Panda or Penguin to encourage Google to keep those animal updates coming! Last year, Janet, President and CEO, dressed as a Google Panda update – this year I hope to see some Penguins!

Twitter Bird

Social media continues to be imperative to online marketing as I encourage many of my clients to take advantage of the opportunity to share their content and connect with consumers. Ariele, Account Manager, dressed up as a Twitter bird complete with a beak and a Follow @ArieleMcWhinney sign!

Anchor Text

Boy, do SEOs love their anchor text! Jenny, Web and Graphic designer, threw an anchor around her neck and covered it with keywords! If you have a real anchor laying around, props to you. If not, I recommend carefully constructing one out of posterboard or cardboard. Maybe you want to highlight your top priority keywords on this anchor, maybe not.

Mark Zuckerberg

This one is pretty easy, but note that some people might not even realize you took the effort to dress up.  Put on some jeans, Adidas flip flops, a jacket and a plain t-shirt. You might want to also carry around this photo.

Facebook Timeline

To continue with the Facebook themed costumes, try updating the Facebook costumes of the past with Timeline! Facebook went through a face-lift this year and it’s about time to show off the new look in a Halloween costume.

The Ghost of Google+

Do you use Google+? You should, even though allegedly it is a ghost town. In this costume, take advantage of the jokes thrown at Google+ and decorate a white sheet with a Google+ logo. Then, throw the sheet over your head (note: may limit your ability to work).

Disclaimer: Even though Google+ doesn’t yet have the brand recognition of Facebook, that doesn’t mean you and your business should be ignoring this social network. If you want to learn more about the great opportunities of Google+, join me in my webinar next week with Lindsay Keller, “9 Search and Social Media Marketing Tactics You Cannot Overlook in 2013.”

Breaded Cat

Okay, so this one is not exactly search/social, but make the argument that cats are the best content marketing pieces on the internet these days. For this costume, you may need to find a large slice of bread. Your head may be bigger than a cat’s, not sure on that one.

Ninja Cat

You’ve probably always wanted to be a ninja. Take it to the next level by adding cat ears and becoming Ninja Cat! I’m pretty sure cat costumes are the best costumes and with this one you can fight people and blame it on being a ninja! Don’t quote me on that, however.

Business Cat

If you wear suits to work already, this one is probably the easiest costume ever. Add cat ears to dress up your suit and draw on some whiskers. Voila! Business Cat!

Choose wisely. Halloween costumes are important and the enthusiasm in which you don your best cat, I mean, costume, will make all the difference in winning best dressed at work. I’d love to hear about your costumes! Share your search related ideas in the comments or find me on Twitter @Lokitis.

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