Learning to Judge the Book By Its Cover: Consumers' Social Network of Choice Means More Than You Think

By Amanda Sides | Jul 29, 2009
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They always say never to judge a book by its cover… but if you are in marketing, that is exactly what you do. You need to know who your target audience is, and what they do, preferably without much diggng. How great would it be to know the habits of a consumer, just by looking at their preferred social networking site? Anderson Analytics has performed a survey that “reveals consumers’ likely interests, buying habits, and media consumption,” reads a recent Advertising Age article by Beth Snyder Bulik.

Below are some interesting facts about four well-known social media sites:

Facebook. Of the 77 million users on Facebook, 40% of them are married, 80% are white, and 6% are retired. Facebook users vary greatly, ranging from high-school students, all the way to grandparents. The average income is $61,000, and users have an average connection count of 121.

Twitter. Interest levels spike high above the average interest level in categories such as news, restaurants, sports, politics, personal finance, and religion. Twitterers are more likely to purchase products online compared to users of other social media sites. This shows that people who log on to Twitter are very passionate regarding certain topics. These users are more likely to promote their own business or or blog, than users of other sites. The average income is $58,000, 16% work part-time, and 43% of users say that they could not bear to live without Twitter. The average Twitterer follows 32 profiles and has 28 followers.

MySpace. The demographics of this site are skewed to be much younger than users of any of the other sites, and they also login less. 67 million people still use MySpace. Uploaded content most likely surrounds hobbies and pictures. Average income coincides with the younger curve, at $44,000. 60% are single, and 23% of users are students. The average MySpacer has an average of 131 connections.

LinkedIn. User focus surrounds business issues. There are more male users than female, and average user income is the highest of the four sites at $89,000. Primary focus of joining is to stay networked with business colleagues, future business endeavors, and job searching.

Taking a look at the results of the study, which would your company be better suited to promote to? If you are taking the dive into social media, it would be wise to do your research and know who you are interacting with. Everyone wants to use their advertising dollars as wisely as possible, right?  Here’s one way you can take a step closer to achieving that.

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