Let Current and Future Events Help Your Linking Campaigns Thrive

By Catherine Potts | Aug 14, 2008
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First of all… GO USA! We are kicking butt in swimming! I used to be a swimmer so I’m a little partial to that event. Michael Phelps is insanely fast. He’s a beast! Didja hear that he consumes eight to ten thousand calories a day just to maintain his weight. Geez. If only. Michael Phelps was born in 1985. That means I’m officially old.

On to business…

Some time back we did a diagnosis of competitor’s links for one of our clients. Reading Debra Mastaler’s recent article on Search Engine Guide reminded me of the suggestions I made to help our client be more competitive. Debra notes in her post that Visa did a good job when they thought ahead and made the Michael Phelps congratulatory video that recently aired with Morgan Freeman as the narrator. Well MF recently got in a car accident and is healing. Debra wondered how he could’ve cared so much about MP that he would do a voice over from the hospital ward.

I had actually wondered the same thing about Morgan Freeman myself. He’s hurt, what does he care about congratulating Michael Phelps? Well obviously, it was done ahead of time. Duh. As are probably all things, except the actual events. All heart warming stories-everything.

Debra’s post is really about being more intuitive or anticipatory with your link building. Can you foresee something happening that could be of benefit to your campaign? Many a link bait has been born from being on top of breaking news and events as Debra mentions:

A lot of successful “linkbait” is launched on the heels of breaking news or changes. We can’t anticipate the future but we can plan around upcoming events, holidays, elections etc and write for them NOW. That way when the time comes you’re ready and there before the competition.

Our client had a focus area (spa treatments) that, in my opinion, are more popular in the Spring months than any other time of year. What happens mostly in the spring months? People get married. So our client’s main competitor did it right. They got in when the getting was good. They dominated the bridal events, radio giveaways and other events of that nature by being a sponsor. Of course, sponsors always get links.

They had a ton of inbound links from these event sites. Granted, when the event is over the site could potentially be taken down. However, I’m not sure that’s the case. I’m positive that deals for the following year’s events are usually made on the heels of the current year’s events. Radio events happen all throughout the year so you can bet that’s a constant source of visibility. OH and then there is the trust that automatically comes from being a sponsor too. Trust and relevancy are key.

Anyway, Debra has a great point in that if you have a site where you can take advantage of breaking news, events and even things that haven’t happened yet (election, Olympic closing ceremonies etc…) to boost your visibility, do it and do it poste haste!

Let’s not forget that with so many blogs out there, someone will be blogging about how cool the event was and how a certain sponsor was awesome enough to give them some free stuff. Guess where else you’ll get a link from? That happy blogger. That’s reputation building which always helps bring good and relevant links in.

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