Link Bait: Google Street View Now in the Infidelity Busting Business

By Catherine Potts | Apr 1, 2009
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What an excellent lesson in link baiting! What? Google is helping catch cheaters? Wow! They really ARE powerful…

Google better get going on the divorce attorney branch of their global empire. According to The Sun anyway. Street View isn’t exactly real time and a wife would already have to know the whats and wheres of the spousal infidelities. has nothing about Google Street View so it’s hard to determine the truthiness of such a story on a basic level until you get to the last paragraph then it should be pretty darned clear:

“And yesterday The Sun told how a fleet of UFOs was spotted on Street View hovering over an East London bookies”

The Sun (definitely known for its awesomely honest investigative journalism) story says that the wife of said cheating husband was using Google’s Street View to check up and found his Range Rover parked at a female friend’s house. What are the odds of that?

Additionally, other citizens have been caught in places they perhaps shouldn’t be (according to others in their life) like an adult shop. The face of a patron blurred leaving such a shop. Look, there is nothing wrong with this-if your wife approves.

My question is: How on Earth does one think to check? I suppose if you see the SUV with the huge protruding 360 degree camera boom on the top, yeah, but really… is this really a problem? No. It’s not.

Side note: Honestly, if you’re dumb enough to be out in public with your indiscretions, don’t you kind of know the inherent risk? It’s not that it’s Google’s fault for providing ultimate information. Let’s place it where it belongs. On the shoulders of the truly guilty but this “story” isn’t even a story.

A number of sites (including Huffington Post) posted a link to The Sun site and thus became one of the scammed news sites thinking they really had a story.

This is link bait and an April Fool’s joke. Why do you think I’m not linking to anything at The Sun? Just like the Anna Nicole baby daddy quiz , it’s bogus. Focus people! Google is not quite that powerful, though it’s funny to think that some people just might’ve that bad of luck as to be that 1 in 10 million who get caught on Google Street View.

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