Link Bait Sucker! You’re lookin’ at her…

By Catherine Potts | May 30, 2007
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While curbing CO2 emissions is a fantastic thing to do, I fell right into the link baiting trap that set! DOH! Oh my shame…

All the “reviews” I’ve looked at are positive in that saving CO2 is a good thing to do. However, since I downloaded the software last week to try it out, my laptop does not go into standby mode (am I missing something?). I’m not really sure how it can save in CO2 emissions when the computer never actually goes in to sleep. All the while, it’s giving a read out of my savings and my company’s savings. Wait! Nobody else in my company actually has the software…

I have to actually cue my laptop to standby, manually. My current savings went from 0lbs to .67lbs of carbon emissions in one week. Of course, I wasn’t measuring it before and my computer really did go into standby automatically after a short time of inactivity. I can only imagine I was saving more before. I do agree with other reviews that say the more important lesson is making computer users aware of their energy usage. If it serves that higher purpose, albeit marginal, that’s OK with me I guess.

The bigger issue for me (and also the more relevant one) is that I fell for link bait. successfully got me (and others) to do short reviews (or whatever you’d like to call them-mini press releases) to their latest widget software. Way to go! has had a new search engine out for some time and inevitably wants to gain visibility to that search engine. Heck, the “ecosoftware” I downloaded was search ready on the desktop (but using Google? I’m confused). Meaning a user can type in a search term, right from the desktop, avoiding opening up a web browser. Not that it matters, a browser opens up anyway.

So how do you get people to your site? Create something that sparks interest and, in this case, something that is the hot topic (curbing CO2 emissions).

Several months back, the ever popular ShoeMoney used Anna Nicole Smith as link bait, as noted by this post here by Janet Driscoll Miller, CEO of Search Mojo. Inc. She notes that ShoeMoney, a master at link baiting, polled his audience and asked who Anna Nicole’s baby’s daddy was, driving traffic to his website with the nice side effect of gaining visibility in Google.

Ah… Master indeed, grasshoppah.

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