Live From Demand Success Conference: The Brave New World of “New Media”

By Alex Katzen | Jun 20, 2013
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Hunched, glazed eyes, sedentary.

We’re constantly plugged in. I was listening to Arianna Huffington speak this morning at the Vocus Demand Success Conference and was caught off guard when she said that she has a device-free bedroom to stay present. No, there’s no way I could sleep with my phone in another room, I immediately thought. I’m a direct product of my pacifier-clad technological society.

While technology continues to provide lucrative aid, it’s also served as a major distraction in our personal and professional lives. We have a shorter attention span because of it. So how do we create a killer business brand when we hardly spend time paying attention to our own efforts?

Arianna let us into how she built a newspaper empire today at Demand Success with the following tips to remember in order to grasp that ever-lingering attention span.

The rockstar

The rockstar

Here are her simple, yet incredibly helpful points:

1. Engage

  • Listening is the key to being a good marketer.
  • Read what your customers are saying and moderate their comments in order to grow.

2. Be Authentic

  • You must be in the arena, being present to the world.
  • Always acknowledge mistakes and move forward.

3. Be in real time

  • Respond quickly.
  • Build a company that can move quickly, tapping into real emotions.

4. Tell stories

  • The key here is to just provide the platform of a story for others to want to contribute to.
  • Storytelling leads to story-doing.

5. Figure out what your audience wants

  • The Huffington Post provides a big splash with a single catchy headline instead of several articles, and it’s what works for them.

6. Tap into creativity

  • Science says we can’t multitask, so learn to unplug.
  • There’s power in giving 100% of our attention to something, especially since we rarely do this.
  • People don’t just want facts, they want meaning and a sense of wonder about life.

7. Gain a sense of well being

  • Be healthy and good to yourself.
  • Not only will you stress less, but you’ll also give more to your work and be a stronger influence.
  • Recharge.
  • Be in the moment and don’t miss the importance of the journey.

8. Embrace social media

  • Don’t fight the trend, join it.
  • Create content that people want to share and go to places where people already are.
  • Consider the hyper-local focus.

9. Above all, practice compassion, empathy and direct communication

The magic of digital reality is that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what your job is. Embrace these tips, be true to yourself, and move ever forward.

How do you stay present?

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