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By Renee Revetta | Oct 18, 2010
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After introductions, the online advertising session got rolling with Alycia Kampetis Bar-Av (Hilton Hotels), Gregory Dale (comScore), Bryan Gernert (Resonate Networks), Edward Montes (Adnetik), and moderator Mary Innis (Partner, Barnes & Thomburg LLP).

Beyond CTR

Alycia from Hilton Hotels online marketing, started off by saying it’s not just about the last click anymore. Now it’s important to plan advertising as a collective team, not just in a silo. Bryan of Resonate agreed that brands should focus on the goals of the whole campaign, and that online is just one of the many components. Attribution came up, and the panelists agreed that it’s important to keep in mind actions leading to the click, instead of just the click itself. The panel went on to say search and display advertising are more effective when done together.

Measurement – other than standard ROI

The panelists suggested to also measure if you increased your search activity, engagement, sales impact, and brand awareness during your online advertising campaigns.

Another thing to consider, what should your ROI be for each campaign? It might be different. Sometimes, Alycia said you might need to retrain the way you look at results for your campaigns to determine success. Again, there are many other things to focus on beyond click.

Campaign Planning

Being meticulous about setting up a campaign correctly from the beginning was stressed by Alycia. All of the panelists said that within the planning, brands should determine their metrics, conduct testing, make optimizations on a daily basis.

And the kicker of this presentation:

Gregory Dale of comScore said that 80% of people have never clicked on an ad, ever. From what I can see, this data is from the Natural Born Clickers report, and he is likely referring to display ads. What do you think about that one?

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