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By Renee Revetta | Oct 18, 2010
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This panel was moderated by Andrew Bates (EyeTraffic Media) and included Heather Dougherty (Experian Hitwise), Jordan Glogau (1-800-Flowers), Benjamin Rudolph (Relevance Advisors), Jiyan Wei (PRWeb).

How do you remain competative in both paid and organic SEO? Jordan suggested to think about it as a Yellowpage ad – you have the display ad and alphabetical listing. With search and paid efforts its something you should look at strategically – you might not want or need to rank first for both. He suggested to put a lot of focus on non-branded terms in organic – as one tactic to keep paid costs lower.

1-800-Flowers owns a lot of defensive URLs plus 3,500 variations of their brand name (wow!). Also, organic search for 1-800-Flowers is their biggest source for new clients and cheapest marketing method. Another tidbit – 1-800-Flowers was the first Facebook page to have ecommerce options built in right through their Facebook page.

Wei of PRWeb described how PR supports organic search. The links within the press releases aggregate over time and build online equity. The press release content will live in the web environment over time and contribute indirectly to search. Although PRWeb is mostly a syndication channel, they also have analytics – tracking interactions, impressions and clickthroughs from links in their releases.

The panel said it is easier to double your conversions than double your traffic. To do so, keep in mind the best practices for SEO friendly design. Analytics is an important component not to be forgotten, and will help prove why and what organic traffic is worth. Analytics can also help you determine what people clicked on – and from there do some content prioritization. This can help a brand identify potential topic areas  and drive product development. A point from Twitter - @IMREIQ: Nice point from #DigitalEast SEO panel: Google is the only product in which we blame ourselves when it doesn’t work.

How does Social tie into Search?

Between the Bing and Facebook partnership, realtime search, and instant search, there’s much tighter integration between search and social these days. The panelists view social media as a part of a larger strategy. PRWeb has said they’ve made releases easier to share, and other panelists have seen social media sales referrals increase. As far as the importance of Google Instant, the panel seemed to agree that it depends on content you’re optimizing. If it is an event, crisis or breaking news, then you should be more focused on the realtime search results. To get out of in front of that crisis, news results can help (which appear above realtime results) and press releases can do part of that job for you.

What about Local Search?

Local business must have Google profiles, Places pages to gain visibility – and also keep all other SEO best practices in mind.

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