Live from Lead Gen Summit: Site Design to Increase Conversion

By Kari Rippetoe | Oct 1, 2013
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20131001_120924Jacob Baldwin, the Search Engine Marketing Manager at One Call Now, talked about how market diversification drove the redesign of the One Call Now website, and how they took a customer-centric approach to designing a site that would best address their audience and their audience’s needs, while improving lead generation.

The Challenge

These are the biggest challenges of their original site design:

  • Imagery didn’t connect with the audience.
  • They weren’t taking full advantage of SEO measures, such as meta descriptions.
  • Segmentation modeling was very confusing (who exactly were they targeting?)
  • They had two headlines, and they didn’t know which was the value proposition.

The Process

Their original segmentation modeling looked like this:



It changed into this so they could become more agile and adapt to new markets:



They also created personas for their different types of customers (and spiced it up with Star Trek characters):



Their new segmentation model then drove basic navigation structure and information architecture. Personas informed content production and on-page content offerings and CTAs – driving a more customer-centric design.

The Experiment

Jacob and his team then conducted several experiments on their new homepage to see how they could drive more conversions. In the first experiment, they just tested the original homepage design against the more customer-centric new design.

Original homepage:





Result: 19% increase in lead capture. What they learned was that creating a more professional looking website and clearly labeling calls to action (CTAs) can create a conversion lift.

In addition, they tested what they called the “conversion panel” on their homepage, which was a small box that had several, equally-weighted, hypertext CTAs. They wanted to test that against a few, equally-weighted CTA buttons.






As you can see in the lower right corner of the page, the conversion panel changed from hypertext links to 3 button. This actually led to an almost 10% decrease in conversion actions. Lesson: beware of blindly following best practices.

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