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By Sarah Wyland | Oct 10, 2013
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SEO and PPC are integral parts of growing your business. With an ever-changing search landscape, it’s important to stay informed of the most recent changes and to also understand how they affect your business.

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Stephen Spencer – Author & Founder, Science of SEO

One of the most important things to understand about SEO is that it is highly competitive. You can’t buy your way in – you have to earn it. It’s not free and requires an investment of time, education and yes, patience. A good stat to keep in mind is that, on average, there are two changes per day to Google’s algorithm.

“Google is the 800 pound gorilla,” Stephen said. “They can do what they want.”

With Google’s recent announcement that searches will now be 100% not provided, there are a couple ways you can ‘beat’ the not provided blues:

  • Focus on how many more pages are getting search visitors and how many visitors are getting to each page.
  • Track internal site search to see if people are employing untargeted keywords and to also learn exactly what they are searching for.

Stephen also reminds us of seven SEO myths that are good to keep in the back of our minds:

SEO Myths

  • SEO is a ‘set it and forget it’ practice
  • Good SEO is a “pain by numbers” process
  • More backlinks = better
  • “If you build it, they will come”
  • If your SEO is good, you don’t need to worry about PPC or vice versa
  • Social media is for hipsters
  • SEO is free

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Kevin Lee – CEO, Didit

On the PPC side of things, Kevin emphasized the audience. Businesses sometimes lose sight of who their audience actually is and are therefore spending their money on the wrong keywords or targeting the wrong geographic areas.

“Are you looking for data in all the wrong places?” Kevin asked. While Google Analytics and Google AdWords has a plethora of data for us, there are valuable data mines that are often overlooked, such as the sales team and customer service. Kevin also emphasized not forgetting about common sense – but just be sure to test that common sense before calling it golden!

Another interesting coming attraction in the world of PPC is cross-device tracking. Soon, Google and Bing will be able to track cookies across devices with user opt-in, bringing forth a whole new set of data.

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