Live from Optimization Summit: Landing Page Optimization with Boris Grinkot

By Mark Browner | Jun 2, 2011
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In this session Boris Grinkot, Associate Director of Product Development at MarketingSharpa, gave insights into the framework of landing page optimization. He began by saying that Landing page optimization is an intersection of two domains:

  1. Website objectives/website design
  2. Visitor preferences and motivations

What are your Landing Page Optimization Objectives?
It is extremely important to define your objectives. The objectives need to come from what your customer will do on the website. This is the customer action that you are striving towards that conversions are defined by. While this action is typically a purchase or lead generation, it can also be other actions. It must be something specific, measurable and behavioral driven. If there is no specific behavior, you can’t optimize.

Decisions that must be made:

  • Business Objectives
  • Website Objectives (not always the same as business objectives)
  • Website visitors target actions (these actions will accomplish the objectives)

Why does visitor behavior not match your desired behavior?

  • You are not offering the visitors what the want; either you don’t have what they want or you do not understand what they want
  • You are not communicating how they can get what they want from your website

What does the visitor want?

  • Every user action implies a preference and preferences are contained in the data
  • Use data to create relevance: behavioral data is the best but it is not always available and messaging data is very useful

How do you apply information on behaviors and motivations?

  • TEST: marketers who test are much more likely to have positive ROI
  • Imitation is not the highest form of Landing Page Optimization- you can not just copy and paste successes because different product and costumers are not going to react in the same way




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