Live from PubCon South: Intersection of SEO and PR Agencies

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Mar 12, 2009
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This session was presented by Sean Jackson of Lead Maverick and Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing and covered the meeting of SEO and PR and how to take advantage of the tactics for maximum impact. Sean Jackson Sean explained that PR SEO is the “online communications that influence the purhase process of customers on search engines.” He shared a graphic of the purchase process and that you should target message to a specific place in the purchase process. Search plays a role in every stage of the buying process. He emphasized the need for good content repeatedly as the real key to success. Lee Odden Lee calls the overlap between SEO and PR “Digital PR”. He mentioned that Google News is not the top news source… so reconsider where your news targets might be. 64% of journalists report that they use Google or Yahoo! online news services to follow the news in a particular beat, and he mentioned a quote by David Meerman Scott that said how Scott searches for data and news he wants — he doesn’t respond to email story pitches. TopRank did a survey of publications and found that 82% of reporters use search for story ideas and 91% to learn about companies or people. 91% use standard search while only 27% use news search site. And social is growing — 27% are now using social search as well. Most use blogs (55%) and social networks (54%) to find sources. Most SEO conversations are about SEO for lead generation. News is a different animal. The focus audience may be different. It may be a journalist looking for a source or information. Lee also covered the fact that PR is partly a PUSH method, using wire services, networking, pitching and RSS, whereas PULL method i s optmized press releases, social media and newsrooms. To optimize press releases:

  • Research keywords
  • Optimize content
  • Call to action
  • Landing pages
  • Post to newsroom
  • Pitch to media
  • RSS
  • Wire service distribution
  • Measure success

More keys:

  • Think upward and to the left
  • Optimize for people first then search engines
  • Use keywords in the title, subheads and body
  • Don’t obsess over keyword density
  • In a 500 word release, use the target keyword 2-4 times
  • Use keywords in links to the company site
  • Add media, like images, podcast, video, PDF/word docs

Always get the metrics too:

  • Is it in Google and Yahoo news?
  • Pageviews?
  • Media and blog pickups
  • Inbound links
  • Social bookmarks
  • Keyword rankings
  • Corporate site traffic
  • Conversions: Sales/PR

Lee also commented that all websites need a newsroom, and they should contain:

  • press releases
  • media coverage
  • events
  • whitepapers
  • newsletters
  • media contact info
  • exec bios and photos

To optimize a newsroom for search:

  • blog post
  • comments/trackbacks
  • RSS
  • social bookmarks

Lee also touched on Digital Asset Optimization, which he has covered in past blog posts. Maximize all digital assets for PR, like images, video, case studies, etc. To build a newsroom:

  • Consider using blog software for the newsroom
  • Save/Share bookmarks
  • Make keyword categories
  • Offer chronological archives
  • Site search
  • RSS feed
  • Optimized for keywords
  • Include press releases, media coverage, events
  • Cross link to related pages on the main website

Last session coming up: Social Media and Business…

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