Live from Pubcon South: Rogue SEO and Social Media

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Apr 15, 2010
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I liked this session right off the bat for the way they tried to spin the title! The last session of Pubcon was “Rogue SEO and Social Media”, featuring Morgan Brown of TurnHere Internet Marketing, Carolyn Shelby of United Way of Metro Chicago, and Giovanni Gallucci.

Each speaker had some really interesting tips from rogue social media tactics to video optimization.

Giovanni Gallucci

Giovanni was first and covered “Gaming the Community”, what he calls the dark side of social media marketing. These are some powerful tips and tricks, so you have to decide if you want to use them for good or evil. Don’t ever do these things on a LIVE account with a brand.

One tactic Giovanni took when doing some work for a new Donald Trump Network was to own even the bad SEO terms before someone else could. So they optimized for things like “Donald Trump Network Scam” before others could claim that search real estate.

There’s a tool called “Hide my IP” so that you can look like you’re anywhere in the world. This helps if you are managing lots of social media accounts and don’t want to get locked out. Be careful though! Steve Plunkett mentioned that if you have this tool on and access a bank account, it could be a federal offense. So be careful!

As for linking strategies, StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious are good, and use the keyword in the titles, descriptions, etc.

He also discussed opening up LinkedIn’s “closed network”. Create a second account that is a “throw away” account with all of your information in it. Add a company as your employer, then all of the people who are in that company become your first degree contacts. Develop a relationship, then move them over to your legitimate account.

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His tips for YouTube optimization include:

  • If you can’t get listed via text page on Google, make a video and put it on YouTube.
  • YouTube via terms of service allows you to use bots to hit YouTube. TubeToolbox does everything on YouTube you would do manually, but it automates it.

Flickr ideas:

  • Put hyperlinks in the description, but indicate the keyword phrase and link you want. You can’t promote your site via description, but you can ask for attribution.

Twitterfeed allows you to republish your selected followers’ tweets to your tweets.

Tweetadder helps you find others to follow in certain industries/verticals.

When nothing else works, the hydrogen bomb option is to use Subvert and Profit, where you buy votes on various sites. It’s very effective.

Morgan Brown

Morgan warned us he’s the “Diet Coke” of rogue SEO, so he focused on video content for SEO. It’s affordable and easy and some basic SEO skills and content.

Over 32 Million video views were done in January alone. People are searching videos now more than even regular Google searches. About 76% of the US Internet audience is watching online video. About 30% of searches on Google return a video in the top ten results. A video is 50 times more likely than a text page on the same topic to appear on Google’s first page of results, according to Forrester Research.

Morgan covered the basics of video search optimization:

  1. Basics of SEO
  2. Content
  3. Audience

Basics include:

  • Distribute your video to the top video sharing sites
  • Be good at basic SEO, including titles, descriptions and keywords

Content tips include:

  • Create good, valuable content
  • Make it easy to share
    • Videos with social media get 20% more traffic
  • Ideally, use your own video player. You can add links in your video player for every video that gets embedded in another site, it creates links for SEO back to your site.

Audience tips include:

  • Put video on your site first
    • Video is a natural link builder for your site
    • People are searching for video
    • Control associated page text to optimize video
    • Control the player which may drive future video SEO
  • Build your videos the right way on other sites
    • Shorter is better
    • Don’t be too commercial or hard sell
    • Don’t spend a fortune
    • Include end slates with URLs
    • Thumbnail images MATTER
    • Provide sharing features and links back to your site
  • Look for new opportunities
    • For example, if you have products, put the product SKU in the video tags, your video will rank for the product.
    • Add video content to your Google Local page
    • Use the video captioning in YouTube that is keyword-rich

Carolyn Shelby

Last up was Carolyn Shelby who claims she is not “paranoid” but rather she is “proactive”. Carolyn said that sadly there are people competing against you that use bad techniques. So you should be prepared for that. She covered things that you should be concerned about in protecting your business.

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