Live from Pubcon Vegas: Free and Open SEO Data from blekko

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Nov 10, 2010
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This session featured Rich Skrenta, the CEO of, a search engine that just launched last week. Rich told us that blekko is opening up a lot of analytics — very exciting.

Rich started off as a programmer and *may* be responsible for the first computer virus. In 1998, he also launched a site called NewHoo!, which was like the original Yahoo! engine, but he created it because Yahoo stopped paying close attention to their directory and engine. They crowdsourced the directory and it still exists today — it became the Open Directory Project (DMOZ).

In 2004, he launched Topix, aggregating news for specific areas of the country. They sold it to Knight Ridder in 2005.

He created blekko because there were essentially only two engines left, Google and Bing. Ask is essentially out of business as of yesterday. Rich also feels that the quality of much of the content in Google has eroded. Some people seem to think Google is invincible, but other search engines didn’t necessarily fail because Google is just that much better.

The reality is that search is hard. They just launched last week and have a 3 billion page crawl. blekko uses the slashtag concept. Slashtags move beyond keyword search. For instance, you can filter results by source (/health) by using a slashtag. You can filter results by date (/date) and more.

Analytics Data

blekko strives to share analytics data instead of hiding it. Using /rank, you can see the rank on keywords. And it shares a lot of other information it has on each page in its index, like language, etc.

There’s an SEO button under each result to see things like where the backlinks came from and other site/page factors for SEO. You can see a comparison of your site versus another for information such as links and more.

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