Live from Pubcon Vegas: Killer Twitter Apps, Services, and API Trends

By Janet Driscoll Miller | Nov 10, 2009
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Our first afternoon session was “Killer Twitter Apps, Services and API Trends”. This was a really fascinating session, and I truly couldn’t take notes fast enough. Several apps developers presented on this panel and commented on what is going on now with Twitter and what is coming soon.

Brian Breslin

Brian Breslin was the first speaker and covered some of his favorite Twitter apps. Within WordPress, he uses:

  • TweetSuite
  • Twitter Tools
  • Disqus

He uses TwitBin and PowerTwitter as well. He recommended TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop for desktop tweeting. He also uses and Klout for measuring data and influence. to weed out automated follows and allows you to find others similar to you and follow their followers.

Dan Zarrella

Next up was Dan Zarrella who covered retweet API trends. He said that Twitter is slowly rolling out a retweet option in the web interface (Project Retweet).

There are four new API calls for retweets:

  • retweeted_by_me (your most recent retweets)
  • retweeted_to_me (20  most recent retweets posted by my friends)
  • retweets_of_me (20 most recent retweets that are my original tweets)

Project Retweet will NOT allow you to add more info before the tweet you are retweeting or edit that tweet. Retweets by several people in your network will also not show up again. So for instance,

The new retweets will also NOT have the RT signature.

Alexander Barbara

Next up was Alexander Barbara of Alexander covered who is using the API. He shared a graphic by Brian Solis showing how many people use the API to tweet — over 60% use the API to tweet vs. tweeting on the website itself.

Brian Solis - Tweet Sources

Alexander said that Twitter added a few new things this year to the API:

  • Social Graph – allows you to do one call and have comma separated user ids of your followers
  • Saved Searches

New APIs:

  • Retweet (soon)
  • Lists
  • Report Spam
  • Trends
  • Geo-location
  • Streaming (Alpha)

Alexander was very excited about the Geotargeting features coming from Twitter. Twitter is using the Yahoo GeoPlanet API to determine where tweets originated and is starting with San Francisco and London as tests.

Alexander also said that every Twitter user has a “quality score”, similar to the Google AdWords quality score. Based on your quality score, your tweets may stop being available in search, etc. in case you look like a spammer.


  • merge REST &Search (user IDs)
  • API sandbox/text console
  • Batch following (for some)
  • Find tweets in_reply_to
  • Search DMs to/from users
  • Follower_since/Following_since

Joe Fernandez

Last up was Joe Fernandez of Klout who covered where Twitter API/Apps are likely to go in the next six months. Joe started by covering some of the APIs that are coming that are going to be helpful:

  • List API
    Image representing Klout as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase
  • Retweet API
  • Geo API
  • Localized Trends
  • Merged Search IDs!

Joe shared that you can build a Twitter list now using Klout and find the best influential people to add to it. He also encouraged us to take advantage of the saved search API.

Another area for possible growth is international apps. Brazil is a large user of Twitter, so expect more apps coming out of other countries who use Twitter. Also companies that create Twitter apps are creating their own APIs as well, outputting Twitter data in yet another way.

Joe indicated that there is more support now for Twitter app developers.

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