Live From SES Chicago: "B2B Marketing Tips"

By Mark Browner | Oct 20, 2010
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Mischa Stephens, Senior Optimization Specialist at Google,  began the session by saying that business professionals are searching online via Google, Yahoo and Bing but there are several other search opportunities out there. Two of the main opportunities that Stephens discussed were video opportunities and mobile opportunities.
B2B Video Opportunities

  • YouTube- 36% of all business decision makers are on YouTube so it has a very wide reach
  • How you can use video: Share content, share big idea, promote an event, build a community, etc.

B2B MOBILE Opportunities

  • Smartphones will surpass feature phones in US by 2011
  • Mobile search ads resemble desktop ads, but with more features such as location extensions and click-to-call extensions.

Optimization Rules for High-End Mobile Devices

  1. Separate mobile campaigns to better manage them.
  2. Have strong mobile calls-to-action.
  3. All types of landing pages work with high-end devices.
  4. Start with keywords that work on desktops; Search behavior for mobile is very similar to that of desktops.
  5. Be aggressive when bidding since there are fewer ad positions on mobile. It is extremely important to be in the top position.
  6. Use the click-to-call feature.

Stephens also mentioned how important it is to track conversions. A really good way to track conversions in Google is to use Search Funnels.

Search Funnels: Analytics level data within AdWords account that allows you to see not only what were the last clicks that generated conversions but where assist clicks and impressions came from. This should be used to increase bids on keywords that are getting conversions and decrease bids on keywords that are not getting conversions.  Learn more about Search Funnels

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