Live from SES Chicago: The Secret Formula To Boost Response

By Mark Browner | Oct 20, 2010
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The last session of the day that I attended Tuesday was a presentation by NYTimes Best Selling Author and SES Advisory Board Member, Bryan Eisenberg. Eisenberg took this time to give insight about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and revealed his secret tips that will help improve PPC campaign performance.

He began by stating that The Holy Grail of PPC Marketing consists of 4 elements:

  • Relevance
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Conversion Rate
  • Quality Score

Eisenberg stated that he has a magic formula to improve CTR and conversions. He calls this magic formula The Conversion Trinity which consists of three imperative elements.

The Conversion Trinity:

  1. Relevancy- the ad must be relevant to the customers original search query
  2. Value- the customer needs to be able to see why your company or product is the right solution
  3. Call to Action- the steps that customer is going to take must be obvious

This idea goes beyond just the ad. These 3 elements (relevancy, value, and call to action) must also be in place on the landing page. The ad may have all three elements, but if the landing page doesn’t, the customer will not convert. The closer you can match the costumer’s search query to the landing page, the better chance you have of getting a conversion.

Eisenberg then applied these techniques by looking at several ads and landing pages from audience members’ campaigns. He discussed which of the elements their ads and landing pages were successful with and which needed to be improved. Some additional tips that he gave while exploring these ads and landing pages were:

  • The more precise you can be with numbers in the ad the more value the ad will have (ex: over 1,000 collectibles)
  • Another way to create more value is to talk about special benefits like sales, warranties, etc…
  • Call to action phrases should be specific and explain exactly what is going to happen. (ex: You do not want the call to action to simply be “Watch our Video” because that doesn’t tell what the video is actually about.)
  • Eisenberg said, “People digest information in bite size pieces”. Information needs to be easy to find and simple to read (use bullets, lists, headlines, etc).

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    Nice job on the live blogging, Mark! Keep up the good work. :)