Live from SMX Advanced: Hardcore Social Tactics

By Cady Condyles | Jun 5, 2012
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This morning’s Hardcore Social Tactics session (#smx #11C) was packed full of great tips and tricks to use social media to engage with customers and ultimately drive conversions.  Lots of great suggestions of tools to try and new ways to think of followers/circles/boards/fans/etc.  I did my best to keep up with these energized speakers!

Monique Pouget, Senior SEO & Social Media Strategist, Thunder SEO, @MoniqueTheGeek

Great Pinterest Tools

-          PinReach

-          Sleuthing – thinking about personas, what people are looking for; learn more by seeing Facebook and twitter profiles of Pinterest boards;

-          Wordle & twtrland

-          Creating Personas– include photos and descriptions and content examples

Twitter – segment twitter prospects to target potential followers

-          Hoosaid & follower wonk – searching twitter bios

-          Amplicate, topsy and social mention – figuring out the conversations around a topic/keyword on Twitter and other social networks

-          Advanced Search Operators on Twitter

-          Twtrland & twitalyzer – see a person’s  most retweeted posts and estimate their network demographics; automate reviewing follower profiles

-          Friend or Follow – look at the people your top profiles follow, great for prospecting

-          Twitter Lists – divide Twitter prospects into lists, divide & conquer

-          Follow up with Twitter prospects that don’t convert after first touch – create steps to create a follower — follow, blog comment, retweet, @mention, email

-          Twitter Monitoring – Hootsuite: add the website domain as a keyword search; see #hashtags, topic and location, brand name

Facebook – Timeline, new features – private messaging, updating company history, cover photos, custom maps,

-          Open Graphs – controlling how people share content on your facebook page

-          Facebook Admin to allow access to search referrals – keyword suggestions with demographic data

Marty Weintraub, CEO, aimClear @aimclear

Extreme Social Tactics

Facebook – glorified subscription lists; light friend of friend visibility; ticker limits visibility (friends of friends view)

Sponsored Stories in Feed – averages 5-6% CTRs

Page Post Ad – first degree, Facebook at Large –

-          Expensive, site & wall traffic, lots of likes

Page Post Like Story (Second degree)

-          Inexpensive, traffic to site, few likes (or no likes)

Page like story (second degree)

-          Expensive, traffic to wall, many likes

Focus on the seed groups and then spread beyond those people, amplify it slowly

Reach Generator & Promoted Posts

Brent Csutoras, Social Media Consultant, Kairay Media LLC, @brentcsutoras

Content marketing Still works; working better today than before; it’s hard and takes more effort, but if done well it works

Tip 1 – be prepared to succeed – not just a bandaid solution to get links; this is how people want to view content; have a dedicated person/team – need to be nimble, understand the targeted social communities

Tip 2 – monitor your site in social: bookmark your site searches within each social network, create a folder of bookmarks – allows you to pick up on what people are saying about your brand and if you want to promote that initiative

Tip 3 – Reddit – one of the hardest sites to succeed with now.  Lots of code bandaids and fixes to keep spammers out.

-          Don’t worry about accounts

-          Silent bans & filters

  • New to reddit
  • New to subreddit – email the group moderator if your post isn’t being show
  • Account filtered
  • Domain filtered
  • Manual approval

-          Checks (while logged out)

  • View profile for page not found
  • Check new section

-          Understand where to submit

  • Biggest not always best

-          Know the subreddit rules

  • TIL has to be 2 months old
  • Best of is only for reddit links
  • NSFW needs to be nude
  • World news excludes US

-          Participate where it is active

Tip 4 – pinteresting

-          Focus on your network

-          Pinterest cares about the account

-          #tags for search

-          Weekends and evenings are peak times to post

Tip 5 – Success with StumbleUpon

-          Network tree/ popular algorithm

  • Build network appropriately
  • Share with network strategically to get positive votes

-          Stay very active

  • Show up on/content

-          Choose categories & tags strategically

  • Run StumbleUpon ad campaign
    • Help whitelist your domain
    • Identify related tags
    • Learn subscriber numbers
  • Choose real StumbleUpon interests for tags

Vince Blackham, Director of Social Media, 97th Floor, @vinceblackham

Content Marketing – Why you should be on Pinterest? Visual Content is King!

Not much love for infographics/data on Pinterest –

Sizing of images is important – less than 5K pixels long

Lots of traffic from Pinterest, with a longer time on site than other social sites.  And it leads to conversions.  The Pinterest content is often helpful/how to guides – drives more engaged traffic

The best viral traffic you’ll see, good for generating backlinks too

Tips –

-          make it about about you, but don’t

-          Do it yourself and how-tos are the most popular

-          The top 12 tips are the most popular – top 10 is too few, top 15 is too many

-          Ubersuggest – ideas of what people are looking for

-          Consider how the subject can cross over across multiple categories

-          Push 2-3 times per day, and look for peak hours – 4-11PM is a great window

-          Re-purpose content is key to success, test different ideas

-          Start thinking ‘resourcebait’

-          Tineye to check for attribution

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