Live From SMX Advanced Seattle: Pro-level Tips To Succeeding At Retargeting

By Amanda Sides | Jun 12, 2013
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remarketingWhile many advertisers are testing the remarketing waters with Google AdWords traditional remarketing efforts, there are so many other options out there and different and better ways to even use AdWords remarketing to improve the effectiveness of these efforts. From smaller target buckets to diversifying your efforts, this sessions speakers brief us on what’s out there and what you are doing wrong.

Susan Waldes, Director of Client Services, PPC Associates (@suzyvirtual)

Susan kicks off this session with cutting edge remarketing tactics.

RLSA – Remarketing Lists for Search Ads - Through this method, Susan’s tests reported a 50% reduction of CPA with almost a 4x increase in conversion rate. With RLSA, you can exclude people who have been to your site before, exclude people who are already in the system as a lead.

Search Companion Remarketing – This method targets people who have made a search (not necessarily on Google) and then you can follow them around the web, similar to traditional Remarketing but is found to be better performing for Susan.

Similar Users Remarketing – This method uses a pixel to create a “look-a-like” user demographic and psychographic profile.

Dynamic Remarketing – This method is in beta, and would be a great test for those advertisers already using PLAs. This is a great option if you are doing remarketing for products. A downfall of this option is you need a lot of help from Google to set it up. Susan saw a 40% CTR increase and 112% increase in conversion rate when compared to traditional remarketing.

YouTube Remarketing – This option involves linking your YouTube channel to your AdWords accounts and then you can remarket to people who have viewed your videos.

Google Analytics Remarketing Lists – This involves a piece of code but you can really customize how you remarket to people, like someone that has taken certain actions, purchased certain products, or resulted in a certain dollar amount of revenue.

Bryant Garvin, CMO, Get Found First (@bryantgarvin)

Bryant discusses the diversification of remarketing and how to succeed with remarketing efforts looking specifically at supplier power as an influencer.

Diversity is Stability

Just like diversification in any other aspect of life, this will ensure you don’t have all your eggs in one basket, and if an issue arises, it won’t affect your total revenue that much since you have revenue streams coming from all directions.

Dynamic Retargeting – Serve dynamic ads with the product shown in the ad.

Search Retargeting – Bryant refers to this as buying search off the SERP. Retargeting ads to searchers who queried something relevant to your products or services helps improve targeting and relevancy, increasing the probability of conversion.

Similar Audiences – Find someone who falls in your target demographic, then go out find others like them.

Retargeting & Social

  • 25% of all display inventory is through Facebook
  • Click through rates are up to 20% higher on news feed ads than ads on the side bar

Jarvis Mak, SVP of Customer Success, Rocket Fuel (@rocketfuelinc)

Jarvis discusses how to achieve better retargeting with artificial intelligence. Before AI, you had advertising that runs, while post AI, you can have advertising that learns. While there’s more data which means more analysis, you let the computers do the number crunching and let them become self-learning, and the result is better decision making.

Differentiated Retargeting – instead of creating an over-simplified approach, use your data to to have tons of micro segments to get the best performance.

Frequency of Retargeting – Know that just throwing ads at folks may not be the best way to retarget. Know which targets are most likely to purchase, and analyze how many times they typically see an ad before they convert. Then set your impression capping based on your target markets and how effective they are with those settings. While this would take a lot of time, data, and analysis, if you can figure out what works, it could dramatically improve the effectiveness of your remarketing campaigns.

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