Live from SMX East: 10 Rock – Your World SMX Takeaways

By Scott Garrett | Oct 3, 2013
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Below are some major search marketing takeaways from a handful of the presenters from this year’s SMX East Conference.

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Alistair Dent, Head of PPC, Periscopix (@periscopix)

  • Enhanced campaigns are GOOD
    • Filters have been replaced by multipliers
      • Keywords, device (in OR out and about), proximity, time of day, remarketing list…combining them all will allow you to better target users
  • Enhanced campaigns = More work, but more rewards

Rhea Drysdale, CEO, Outspoken Media, Inc. (@Rhea)

  • Diversify your marketing
    • Tracking online to offline in 2014 and tracking across multiple devices
    • Tie performance metrics to business goals (inertia vs. driving conversions)
    • Change from link building to relationship building

Eric Enge, CEO, Stone Temple Consulting (@stonetemple)

  • The whole “not provided” issue; Author Rank is not used at the moment, but it is coming
  • Big picture?…taking away tactical tools (not provided/page rank) and moving to more strategic (semantic search/Hummingbird)
  • Google+ affects SEO

Annalise Kaylor, Associate Creative Director, aimClear (@annabelleblue)

  • Social media is a tactic, not a strategy
  • Social media isn’t 100% of one person’s job. It’s 1% of everyone’s job
  • Don’t silo your SEO and social teams, bring them together and remember it is all about the content
  • Targeting is your friend

Elizabeth Marsten, Director of Search Marketing, Portent, Inc. (@ebkendo)

  • Is this the year for mobile? Answer: the past couple of years have all been the year of mobile, but how do you convince clients?
    • Build the case and show the trends in mobile revenue
    • PLAs (Product Listing Ads) are growing and taking away text ad revenue… adopt PLAs

Bryson Meunier, Director, Content Solutions, Resolution Media (@brysonmeunier)

  • How do you do mobile in SEO?
    • The smart phone algorithm is rolling out
      • Making website design mobile friendly
      • Thinking about the use of Flash and getting rid of it
  • Think users first for mobile design
  • Don’t block mobile sites…Don’t use 301 redirects for mobile, use canonical tags instead

Matt Van Wagner, President, Find Me Faster (@mvanwagner)

  • GDN (Google Display Network)
    • Find your perfect placement…
    • Play “King of the Hill”… find the placements your competitors are advertising on, then out bid them, and finally crush them
    • Play games and CRUSH your competition

Jim Yu, CEO, BrightEdge (@jimyu)

  • Secured search and the “not provided” issue: moving towards content and understanding your content…moving from the keyword level to the page level, it still allows you to understand business performance
  • Movement towards mobile…by the end of the year there will be more mobile devices than people in the world
    • Optimize landing page towards mobile
    • Content is still king and still needs to be optimized as such

Did you attend SMX East 2013? What are your main takeaways? Comment below and follow me on Twitter @scottgarrett89.

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