Live From SMX East 2013 | Prioritizing Your Search Marketing Efforts

By Tad Miller | Oct 2, 2013
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What should you tackle first? Which projects will have the greatest impact on success? Which are easy to implement and achieve results quickly? And which are the more complex tasks that yield results long-term?  This session at SMX East attempts to answer those questions.  With budget season starting out for the next year right now, the timing couldn’t be better to get these kinds of answers.

SMX East Prioritizing

Andy Atkins-Kruger at SMX East

Andy Atkins-Kruger is the CEO of Web Certain.  Web Certain is an international, multi-lingual search marketing agency.  There are usually two concepts in prioritizing SEO efforts.

The Scorecard Method:

SEO has so many possible starting points.  You need a method to determine what’s most important.  There are 3 steps to this method:

  1. List everything you might want to do (figure out what the building blocks of SEO are).
  2. Analyze your site and the market and rate each issue with color codes:  Red, Yellow and Green (Star Trek alert system rules) – figure uut the “must haves” and the “it would be nice to haves.”
  3. Rate all the yellow issues using a 5 point scale.

Give points to the items in the Yellow issues: 5 are the most important and rate them on how long it’s going to take to complete and what the impacts are on your resources.

The Matrix Method

Analyze your data to determine what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t; but also look forward.  List the new things you might want to do.  Use a workshop approach with all of your stakeholders to get them to buy in and commit.

Look at Time vs. Effort Matrices.  Low Traffic/Low Effort, High Traffic/High Effort, etc.  It’s the Effort vs. Opportunity kind of analysis.

Figure out the sequence of work.  Put things in the right order.  You have to fix indexing issues before you work on content issues, etc.  You can combine the Scorecard Method with the Matrix Method.

These methods need to be forward thinking.  A search engine algorithm update will derail your planning at any time.

Amanda West-Bookwalter is an Account Manager with Hanapin Marketing.  Amanda’s focus is on the PPC side of marketing.  There are two halves to search SEO and PPC.

The PPC Formula:  Spend/CPC * Conversion Rate = Leads.  Methods to improve this formula’s result:

  • Focus on AdRank to improve your Costs Per Click.
  • Focus on ways to improve Conversion Rates.
  • Use the Matrix Method to determine the Low Effort-High Movements tactics vs. the Low Movement-High Effort.
  • Evaluate what is making a difference for you.  Be scientific about your analysis of whether tactics are working for you.  Develop a hypothesis.
  • Think through your changes.  Will your ideas improve the guiding formula for PPC results?  Look at your past performance to gauge the opportunity and make projections.
  • Decide if lessons are actionable or theoretical. Then go out and do it.

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