Live from SMX East: Mobile Search Ads

By Evan Levy | Oct 4, 2010
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This week, I’m attending the SMX East conference in New York City.  I’ll be posting summaries of the sessions that I attended with some key points scattered throughout.  The first session I sat in on was Mobile Search.

Speakers included: Benny BlumDaniel RubyKerri Smith,Jamie WellsJesse Haines

First, a little data:

- 97% of mobile search traffic is on Google

-Mobile users spend 30% more time per page visit vs. desktop usage

-Standard text ads converted to dedicated mobile ads resulted in 76.1% increase in CTR

-The device is important as well; CTR is highest on Android devices

Mobile users are much more local and commerce related.  A query chain for a mobile user lasts about a week, as opposed to one month on a desktop.

The panel spent a good deal of time recommending that users should develop campaigns specifically for their mobile targeted efforts.  It will make a significant improvement in the ability to track and test campaigns against desktop counterparts, or prove ROI to a hesitant client.

Campaigns should be different because user behavior is different on a mobile device.  Keywords are different and so are methods of search.  One in four mobile searches are voice searches, and one in three mobile searches are local.

Useful tools to keep in mind are the click to call features, mobile site links, phone extensions, and location extensions.  One member of the panel cited a 74% increase in conversion rate when a site is optimized for mobile.

In summary, mobile is continuing to expand and there can be great opportunities for those who venture into the unknown.  The kicker is, it won’t be unknown for long.  If you can get into mobile, take the plunge.

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