Live from #SMX East: Up Close with Google+ and Google +1

By Sarah Lokitis | Sep 14, 2011
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I am really excited for this next session. Up Close with Google+ and Google +1 is actually up close as two Google-ers are here today at SMX East sharing the capabilities of Google + and the impact of +1. Tiffany Oberoi, Software Engineer, Search and Christian Oestilien, Group Product Manager, Social Advertising, present about what Google + will mean to us now and in the future as business pages roll out.

Christian’s focus at Google is how best to enable businesses to participate and how to work advertising into Google +.

Google connects sites and link and behind those links are people. People are the core of the internet and content creation has exploded. Individuals are empowered to become publishers, authors and bloggers. The sharing that is happening is important to capitalize on.

What we share with each of our social groups – friends, family and coworkers – is different. And with circles we can speak to each of those groups individually, tailored to what they care about.

Christian created a group called “test friends” which is funny to me because it sounds like that group may not be his real friends yet. I might try it out. :)

Hangouts have potential for business client meetings and even assistance in surgeries!! Danny Sullivan has his first hangout with us for a moment as well.

Sparks is interesting for advertising potential and content sharing. The news from across the web on that subject are shown and displayed for you.

“Social is a core human behavior, not a destination.”

The infamous +1 button was a precursor to sharing for Google. Growth from June to now is over 1 million websites and over 4 billion impressions a day!

71% say reviews from family members or friends influence purchase decisions and 90% of consumers online trust recommendations from people they know. This data from +1 allows them to know what people are pointing to online. This will influence personalized rankings.

Share box allows you to share what you +1 directly into Google + when you are signed in and will show up in search and whatever streams on Google + you send that information.

Personal annotations and basic annotations from Google + may be shown in your Google results.

EXCLUSIVE: Google is testing using celebrity +1 notations to impact results. Note: It’s a forced annotation if a company/advertising can verify they are endorsed by someone. Kim Kardashian obviously endorses her clothing line at Sears.

Measuring the Impact of +1

Google Webmaster Tools: How does +1 affect organic search and ads CTR? Who +1s my content – audience composition such as aggregate data of age and gender and geo?

Google Analytics: +1 Reporting with GA tracking code change to record other social tools. Social Audience tracking gives you the ability to see how users engage with your site after using social widgets. All widgets aggregated are shown and you can see which work best. Which widgets drive the most traffic?



Christian says: Business profiles come relatively soon. (Christian likes to reveal a lot.) They are taking a little bit longer to get them out the door, so your business does not become falsely represented. (Think: You must use your ACTUAL name on your profile) Verified badges, like on Twitter, will be used and those people can report those profiles who may be falsely representing someone else.

Tiffany says: +1’s not factored into ranking algorithm. Social search uses variety of ranking factors. Social search mixed up in regular search results. If you are unsure what has been customized for you – you can view customizations if the query results were customized for you. Also have link at the bottom “do this search as if it’s not me.” —This is relevant to Eli Parisers keynote today.

Google + search? Content generated in Google+ right now will eventually move to real time data for viewing.

How do own variables affect +1 across paid organic – like tags? When you add your +1 button, you can check for rel=canonical tag in on page code so it will always point to that version.

Record hangouts? Features probably will be rolled out eventually as they improve. The core hang out experience is unique and interesting, but wouldn’t it be great to create online video content so easily.

Brands using Google+? Test accounts are right now using regular user accounts. Think there are possibilities for interesting use of hangouts . They want to create a real personalized use for businesses on Google + and have real users behind account communicating with customers. Circles empowers nice ways for brands and businesses to group their stakeholders and audiences and therefore tailor conversations that fit each target audience.

Google wants to make sure your Google + page is connected to all your other ties to Google like Analytics and AdWords.

They want to take their time developing tools so they don’t get it wrong in the beginning.

Businesses will have different functionality for grouping followers into circles.

+1 is a strong signal to Google as an immediate user signal.

Think of +1’s similar to links. Buying and selling +1 or +1 in a contest or incentivizing +1 will be frowned upon by Google. Want to know naturally what people liked.

Twitter fire hose is gone, but there is indirect effect from tweets with URLs. They have less data now, but tweeted links are more likely to be shared other places too!

Share box on maps is out there and can share straight to Google +.

Ads on Google +? No plans at this point. First thing they are focusing on is business to give brands, marketers and advertisers and identity.

Also, you are able to watch YouTube videos together on Hangout and can +1 the video from the Share video button.

Annotations eventually drive up CTR, eventually improving ranking.

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  • Kevin

    Thanks for covering this session. I had to be in another session during this one. It’s nice to have your notes. :)

    • Sarah Lokitis

      You’re welcome! I hope you enjoyed SMX.