Live from #SMX East: What Every Paid Search Marketer Needs To Know About Google +1

By Sarah Lokitis | Sep 13, 2011
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Everyone is talking about Google +1. We’ve talked about it for SEO and personalized results, but did you know Google +1 could impact your paid search tactics? Straight from SMX Advanced, Matt Van Wagner leads Mathew Guiver, Benjamin Vigneron, and Joshua Dreller as they spill the secrets and propose future changes in “What Every Paid Search Marketer Needs to Know About Google +1.”

Josh Dreller, Fuor Digital

The way users are engaging with the internet is changing and Google has seen some mixed results with their adventures with Social. June 28, beta Google + launched “as an extension of Google itself.”

Google grew to 10 million users in 16 days opposed to around 800 days, but the other social profiles paved the way. Everyone signed up, but are people using it? In this conference session almost everyone raised their hand saying they have a profile, but only a few raised their hand saying they use it regularly.

  • Google’s product track record:
  • Highly integrated
  • Helps to extend Search dominance
  • Clean, intuitive design
  • Angle to make money
  • Mobile component

The main buzz around Google + product is circles to influence and control sharing (all of the information we willingly hand to Google). Circles will have an impact on your other Google products.

Sparks – Big draw. Eventually will become your content engine and it can really influence the whole platform for providing relevant content specifically to you.

Hangouts – group video chat done right and Google talk provides free phone calls.

Photo editor powered by Picassa and “no photo will be tagged with your name without your approval!!” Finally, right?

Games – Angry birds and more! It is hidden in a separate tab, so if you aren’t interested in the games, you don’t have to see them unlike Facebook.

Data Liberation Front, Mobile, and Huddle – group text. There is a lot of potential in Google +1 and there will be lots of options Google can bring in with advertising.

Benjamin Vigneron, eSearchVision

Google +1 enables searchers to recommend search results and any page where the +1 button has been implemented. You need this button.

More +1′s make some results look more trustworthy and popular. Google +1 allows people to share on Google+ and those +1′s are displayed to all friends and contacts.Google +1 connects web pages, search results and Google +.

Impact on Quality Score:

There is a direct link between SEO and SEM. If you +1 your landing pages – it will show to those pages found on SEO and also those landing pages for PPC.

Google +1 indirectly affects CTR and as a result Quality Score, but does not directly affect QS…yet.

Google +1 will affect at least three of the four main Search QS factors: historical CTR, quality of landing page, relevance.

Google +1 will affect all of the three main Display QS factors: ads past performance per site, relvance to the site and landing page.

Impacting campaign management: AdWords could eventually target age, gender and interests (think ‘Sparks’) based on what is given to them from Google +. Right now, this is just a dream!

Mathew Guiver, e-storm international

The future impact of Google +1 on paid search advertising.

Prediction 1: +1s to have more impact on average position than quality score. Personalized ads are already showing up.

Google is lifting organic results and personalized results to the first page already.

Prediction 2: If a +1 decreased your CPA, then it also increases your ROI. Webmaster tools can show search impact change after +1 referral. This will lead to a higher value of +1 as it can lead to more conversions due to the relevance and social signals for the user.

Prediction 3: The end of the PPC landing page as we know it. +1′s are shared between organic and sponsored listings. PPC landing pages are not receiving +1 benefit the same way as organic results. Potential for retargeting and designing pages for both SEO and PPC.

Prediction 4: Bridging the gap between PPC and social. If there is a direct correlation between social and paid, the ROI can improve. Landing Google PPC ad on informative blog post with interactive element instead of contact form will be easier for a user to share with buttons for +1 and could lead to impact in exposure.

Prediction 5: Promoted +1′s. Stay away from the sites that sell +1′s. Google could monetize Google + and +1′s. Also, Google can set itself apart from competition by not including ads on Google +, but in the past used to share promoted tweets in results. Promoted +1′s or promoted accounts could be possible.

Prediction 6: Demographic bidding for sponsored search ads. Google+ already collects this demographic and geographic information. This could get really interesting and highly demographic bidding could be really valuable to a lot of advertisers.

Prediction 7: Prediction targeting – Google related toolbar could suggest sites to visit based on recent social activity. Sharing relevant content could lead to some heavy duty targeting.

What other opportunities do you think Google will capitalize on with Google + and +1?

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  • Dean Cruddace

    I am guessing that G will not keep Google+ Ad free, it’s just not in their makeup. However as biz profiles are introduced (c’mon already) there is definitely an opportunity to develop another marketing channel.

    • Sarah Lokitis

      Today, the Google panel said they have no plans for advertising right now. Only time will tell though – there is so much potential for targeting.